How Much Does NFL RedZone Cost?

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NFL RedZone is the NFL’s special weekly program for those who want to catch up on the highlights of the regular football season. RedZone is a great program for those who don’t want to miss out on games but don’t have the time to watch full replays. It’s also a great companion for fantasy football leagues.

Subscribing to RedZone through the NFL app will set you back $35 for a full season. However, there are a few other options for bundling the subscription with your cable and streaming packages. For everything you need to know about NFL RedZone costs and features, keep reading below.

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What Is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone is a special NFL program that broadcasts during the regular season every Sunday at 1 pm EST. Hosted by Scott Hanson, NFL RedZone shows fans highlights from every game happening that day. One of the most distinctive features of the RedZone is the “octobox.” The octobox shows up to eight games playing at once.

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If you are only interested in watching your favorite team, watching one whole game from beginning to end may be more satisfying than jumping between games. However, when you’re trying to get caught up on everything that’s happening this season, NFL RedZone might just be the thing for you.

How Much Is RedZone NFL?   

What is the cheapest way to get NFL RedZone? There are a few options for bundling the subscription with your cable and streaming packages but subscribing to RedZone through the NFL app will set you back $35 for a full season.

Can I Buy NFL RedZone by Itself?

If you just want to watch RedZone by itself, you can subscribe through the NFL app. An NFL RedZone subscription costs only $35 for a full season. For many, this may be the cheapest way to get NFL RedZone.

However, subscriptions bought through the NFL app can only be viewed on mobile devices. If you would like to watch NFL RedZone on your TV, you will need to purchase it as part of a cable or streaming package.

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NFL RedZone Cable Packages

Multiple cable providers partner with the NFL to allow their customers access to NFL RedZone. Cable partners include Verizon Fios, Xfinity, Dish TV and Spectrum. If you are already going to be paying for cable, then including RedZone as part of your package may be the best deal for you. Check with your cable provider to see how much adding RedZone to your cable service would cost.

If you have RedZone purchased as part of a paid TV service, you may be able to connect it with the NFL mobile app and watch RedZone on your phone or tablet as well. 

Note that the Red Zone channel available as part of DirecTV cable packages is not actually NFL RedZone but rather DirecTV’s own version of the program, hosted by Andrew Siciliano.

NFL RedZone Streaming Packages

Several streaming providers have NFL RedZone as an optional add-on. While this is usually a more expensive option than just buying it through the NFL app, it does allow you to access the program on your TV, not just your mobile device.

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These are the streaming providers that include NFL RedZone as an add-on:

  • fuboTV — $69.99 monthly plus $10.99 for RedZone
  • YouTube TV — $64.99 monthly plus $11.00 for RedZone
  • Hulu Plus Live TV — $69.99 monthly plus $9.99 for RedZone
  • Sling TV — $35 monthly plus $11 for RedZone

Can I Get NFL RedZone For Free?

While many cable and internet TV services do not include NFL RedZone as part of their free trials, there are some that do. For example, if you sign up for a fuboTV free trial, you will be able to access NFL RedZone for seven days and see if it’s something you’d want to pay for in the future.

NFL RedZone Replays

Replays of NFL RedZone for the entire season are available on the NFL app for those with an NFL RedZone membership or for those who have linked their cable subscription.

If you have RedZone as part of a streaming package, then you will not be able to access replays through the NFL app. Instead, search your provider’s video-on-demand library for NFL RedZone to view replays.


If you’re a fantasy football fan or too busy to keep up with all the NFL games, you probably want NFL RedZone. Now that you know a bit more about the different ways you can get RedZone, you can pick a method that works for you. If you want to watch RedZone on your TV, try to bundle it with a service you’re already paying for anyway, such as a cable TV or streaming service subscription.


  • Is RedZone included in an NFL Plus Subscription?
    • Unfortunately, while the NFL Plus streaming service does include access to multiple NFL Network shows, it does not include RedZone. Both RedZone and NFL Plus are separate services that can be bought in the NFL mobile app.
  • How do you get RedZone outside the U.S.?
    • Access to NFL RedZone in countries outside the U.S., Canada and China is available through NFL Game Pass subscriptions.
    • For Canadian fans, NFL Plus and NFL RedZone subscriptions are available through the streaming service DAZN, which has exclusive rights to many of the NFL regular season games in Canada. If you want to watch RedZone live, you can also watch it on the TSN channel as part of a cable package or with the TSN Streaming Service.
    • U.K. Fans can watch RedZone live on the Sky Sports NFL channel on Sky TV, or as part of an NFL Game Pass Subscription.

Information is accurate as of Dec. 12, 2022. 

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