The 10 Dumbest Money-Related Yahoo! Answer Fails

Sure, we all have trouble managing our finances from time to time. Some more than others. Thanks to and Yahoo! Answers, we’ve rounded up ten of the dumbest money-related questions you’ve ever heard of.

1. Ball and Chain Fail

Credit Card Fail
2. Halfsies Fail

Bill Fail

3. Change Fail

Change Fail

4. Fiery Fail

Fiery Fail

5. Modest Fail

$20 Fail
6. Robber Fail

Robber Fail

7. Bum Fail

Bum Fail
8. Millionaire Fail
Millionaire Fail
9. Tax Fail
Tax Fail
10. Purse Snatcher Fail

Moral of the story: don’t get your finance advice from Yahoo! Answers.

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