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Gift givers have the best intentions but don’t always know what you like. If you have a gift card for a store or restaurant that doesn’t particularly interest you, trade it in for cash. It’s easy to sell your unwanted gift cards for money or trade them in for cards that you really want.

Many legitimate websites will pay you for gift cards — no matter what the balance is. Check out this list of some of the most popular sites for turning your gift cards into cash so you can get the gift that’s right for you.

How Can You Trade in Your Gift Cards for Cash Online?

Each of the options listed below has its own process for selling your cards. Review the different fees and payment options to decide which method is best for your situation.

1. CardCash

CardCash makes getting a quote easy. First, select the store or restaurant and then provide the value of the gift card. CardCash gives you an immediate quote. If you’re happy with the offer, follow the steps to complete your transaction.

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You’ll have to provide a valid credit card to sell. CardCash will issue a $1 charge to your card to ensure it’s active, but the pending transaction will clear within a couple of business days. Other important notes about CardCash’s buying process are listed below:

  • You can receive up to 92% of your card’s value.
  • Payments are issued in one to two business days.
  • The company doesn’t accept gift cards with expiration dates.
  • In some cases, you have to mail in the physical gift card.

Payment options include:

  • Check by mail
  • ACH transfer
  • PayPal
  • Trade for another gift card brand

2. Raise

Raise works a little differently. You list your own gift cards for sale on its website and get paid once the gift cards sell. Select the brand of your card and input its value, and then set your asking price. Once the card sells, Raise helps facilitate the transaction.

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While it’s free to list cards, Raise charges fees for using the service:

  • 15% commission from the selling price
  • The greater of $2.75 or 1% of a card’s value for physical gift cards that need to be mailed

Raise pays you for gift cards using:

  • Check by mail
  • ACH transfer
  • PayPal

3. GiftCash

While GiftCash accepts gift cards from a smaller number of merchants, its payout is up to 93% of the value of your card. Sell gift cards with balances ranging from $25 to $2,500. More popular store brands receive higher payouts. Once you sell your card to GiftCash, you’ll receive a PayPal payment within 48 hours.

If you plan to sell more than $2,000 worth of gift cards in a month, contact the company about selling cards in bulk versus one at a time.

4. Prepaid2Cash

This service is designed for selling prepaid gift cards that have the Visa, Mastercard or American Express logos. It also accepts store and restaurant cards for more than 100 brands. You have to download an app and create an account to sell your card.

Choose between an instant payment or next business day payment.

  • Instant payments incur a 15% processing fee plus a $1.50 delivery fee.
  • Next business day payments have a 7.5% processing fee plus a $1.50 delivery fee.
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Final Take

Be sure to read all of the fine print before agreeing to any transaction. Know what you’re agreeing to and what responsibility you have in completing the transaction.

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