Skip the Splurge: Why I Think Pricey Bathings Suits Are a Rip-Off

Learn why you shouldn't waste your money on the newest bikini.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with swimsuits for as long as I can remember. If I had to guess, I’d bet I’m not alone on this front. Every year, before I even have a chance to start my “summer body” workout regimen, retailers release their new swimwear styles for the upcoming summer season. I find myself drooling over all of them, only to find out the swimsuit I’m determined to get costs more than a few weeks’ worth of groceries.

Expensive swimsuits are often considered better, higher quality pieces. I used to think this myself, up until two years ago, when I took the plunge and actually splurged on a swimsuit. After that, my view drastically changed.

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A Bigger Price Tag Doesn’t Mean Better Quality

Initially, the expensive swimsuit I bought looked amazing. After a few wears, however, it was a completely different story: colors started to fade and the fabric started pilling. Basically, it was wearing the exact same way my budget-friendly suits did. The only difference was the initial price tag. By the time the next summer season rolled around, it looked old and dingy and I needed a new one.

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Swimsuit Markdowns Happen Before Summer Is Over

That suit I just couldn’t live without two years ago went on sale within a few months of me buying it. At that point, I had only worn it once. Everyone knows retailers always have their eyes set on the next season. So, when it’s halfway through one season, they’re already on to the next. This has taught me that if there’s an expensive suit that I really can’t live without, it’s worth it to wait until it goes on sale. Chances are I’ll still get to wear it for a good part of that summer season, too.

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Budget-Friendly Swimsuits Give You More Variety

When I purchased that expensive suit, I felt like I had to wear it every time I was headed to the pool or beach to justify the cost. This was a change of pace for me, as I like variety. Typically, I like to have more than one swimsuit in rotation in the summer months. I’ve found that sticking to budget-friendly options has given me the freedom to have a variety of swimsuits, as opposed to that one that I feel obligated to wear every single time.

Now, I’m not saying I go out and buy the cheapest swimsuits I can find and stock up on those. For me, it’s about finding the middle ground with a swimsuit that looks good on but isn’t going to collect interest on my credit card. Find what works best for you, but don’t feel like you have to break the bank to do it.

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