Savings Account Tips

A savings account is one of the simplest financial products to build an emergency fund and grow a nest egg for purchases small and large. Learning how to best increase earnings on your savings account will keep you financially healthy and make your money work harder for you. With the right rates, a high-yield savings account is a secure account to save you money and boost your income.

There’s no one right way to save, so finding the right budgeting system for your needs is the best way to ensure your success at building a profitable and free savings account. Our how-to savings videos, interest rates tables and savings guides will leave you with an affordable product for your personal finance goals.

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6 Things You Need to Know About the Fed’s Regulation D

Learn the surprising ways that Regulation D can affect your savings account.

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Learn some facts you might not know about today's savings accounts.

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Questions to Ask Before Opening a Savings Account

Learn all the questions you should get answered before opening a savings account.

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What Is the Average Savings Account Interest Rate?

Learn the national average savings account interest rate and where to get a rate that's much higher.

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Is Interest Taxable on Savings Accounts and CDs?

Find out if you have to report the interest you received on your bank accounts to the IRS.

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Money Market Accounts vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference?

Learn about five key differences between savings and money market accounts. Find out which is better for your savings.

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