Here’s Your GECU Routing Number

Here's how to find your GECU routing number.

Knowing your Government Employees Credit Union checking account routing number is useful when you want to sign up for direct deposit, make a payroll payment or send a wire transfer. If you are a GECU customer or want to transfer money to a GECU account, you will need to have the routing number handy. Here is GECU’s routing number:

GECU Routing Number

You can also find your GECU routing number by looking at the series of digits found on the bottom left of a personal or business check. If you don’t have any way of finding your routing number on a check, you can refer to the guide above to find your routing number now.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit number that identifies the financial institution that will be processing the payment. It is also called the ABA routing number, ABA number or routing transit number. These numbers are assigned to the financial institution by the American Bankers Association.

Some financial institutions have different routing numbers depending on where you opened the account, but GECU only has one.

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Understanding Your GECU Routing Number

Each of the digits in the routing number has significance. The first four digits in the routing number are the Federal Reserve routing symbol. The first two digits have been allocated to different types of financial institutions: 00 symbolizes the U.S. government and its agencies; 01 to 12 symbolizes banks, Federal Reserve Banks, Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Land Banks, Federal Intermediate Credit Banks, Farm Credit Banks and state government units; 21 to 32 symbolizes thrift institutions; 61 to 72 are Electronic Transaction Identifiers and 80 means it is a traveler’s check.

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The next four digits in the routing number are the ABA institution identifier, and the final digit is the check digit.

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    Here’s Your GECU Routing Number
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