Here’s Your Synovus Routing Number

Routing numbers are essential for banks to function.

Any destination requires a route to get to it. Bank routing numbers work in a similar way. By identifying specific banks, routing numbers confirm where funds are going to and coming from. Routing numbers help facilitate thousands of transfers across the world every day. Keep reading to learn what Synovus Bank’s routing number is and how to use it.

Synovus Bank Routing Number

Synovus has only one routing number, which you’ll use for domestic wire transfers. Here are the details:

Synovus Bank Routing Number 

Synovus bank
What Is a Routing Number?

Routing numbers are nine-digit security codes used by banks to identify each other in a wire transfer. The routing number you use depends on where you opened your account. Routing numbers were first introduced by the American Bankers Association in 1910, which is why you also see routing numbers referred to as ABA numbers.

Routing numbers were initially developed to identify check processing end points, but are now used for a variety of everyday tasks such as ordering checks, paying bills online and setting up recurring deposits and transfers.

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Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

Yes, many banks can and do have more than one routing number. As a general rule, the bigger the bank, the more routing numbers it uses. Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank of America are examples of large national banks that use multiple routing numbers. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes small banks use different routing numbers for different actions.

How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

Routing numbers are printed on the bottom of your checks. There are three sets of numbers printed along the bottom. The first is the routing number, the second is the account number and the third is the individual check number.

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What Is the Routing Number for International Transfers?

Banks use SWIFT codes, not routing numbers, to identify each other in international wire transfers. Here’s the SWIFT code for Synovus:

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Synovus Bank SWIFT Code

One thing to note is that Synovus Bank uses Bank of America as its primary intermediary bank, depending on the currency being transferred. An intermediary bank is one that acts as a middleman when two banks are transferring funds. For U.S. currency, the swift code you’ll use for the intermediary bank is BOFAUS33. For a complete list, contact Synovus Bank at 888-796-6887.

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