How To Open a PNC Bank Account

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Whether it’s time for a switch or it’s just the beginning of their banking journey, consumers want a bank with reliability and reputation. PNC Bank is a good example. It has a rich history stretching more than a century, along with numerous accredited awards in its honor. It received the title of Best Overall Bank for Students and has ranked as one of the Best Private Banks in the last two years.

Requirements To Open a PNC Bank Account

Only U.S. citizens over 18 can open a PNC Bank account online. Other new customers will be required to visit their local branch. A valid address in the U.S. is required, as well as two forms of identification. It should be noted that online applications only accept three types of ID:

  • U.S. driver’s licenses
  • State-issued IDs
  • Military-issued IDs

The account approval will be subject to verifying this information. 

How Can I Open a PNC Bank Account?

It’s possible to open a PNC Bank account in a local branch, but the more efficient way is by completing an application form online.

How Do I Set Up an Account With PNC Online?

To set up an account, new customers can follow these steps:

  • Visit PNC Bank’s website
  • Choose an account
  • Enter the personal details required as outlined above.

In addition to the aforementioned information, PNC will collect an email and phone number for contact purposes.

PNC Bank’s Checking Accounts and Fee Structure

One thing to note about PNC Bank checking accounts is that they’re now classified as “Virtual Wallets.” This signifies the bank’s move to a digital-first approach where customers can manage all of their finances from a mobile device. 

A Better Way to Bank

For all checking accounts, a $25 minimum deposit is required. Each of the accounts is interest-earning. There are never any additional fees for using PNC-owned ATMs, but charges may apply outside of the PNC network.

Here are the three different checking accounts customers can choose from.

Virtual Wallet

The standard Virtual Wallet with PNC Bank reimburses customers for two non-PNC ATM charges as well as up to $5 worth of surcharge fees charged from other ATMs each statement cycle. This account has a $7 monthly fee, which can be waived if customers meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • At least $500 in monthly direct deposits
  • At least $500 in a monthly balance between primary and secondary checking accounts with PNC
  • Being over the age of 62.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend

The Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend reimburses the first four non-PNC ATM charges and up to $10 for surcharges each statement cycle. The standard monthly fee is $15, but it will be waived if one of the following applies:

  • At least $2,000 in monthly direct deposits
  • At least a $2,000 monthly balance between checking accounts with PNC
  • At least $10,000 in all PNC deposit accounts.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select

The Virtual Wallet with Performance Select does not charge for the use of non-PNC ATMs. It also includes up to $20 worth of reimbursement for surcharges from other banks. The standard monthly fee is $25. It can be waived for satisfying one of these conditions:

  • At least $5,000 in monthly direct deposits
  • At least a $5,000 monthly balance between checking accounts with PNC
  • At least $25,000 in all PNC consumer or investing accounts.
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PNC Bank’s Savings Accounts and Fee Structure

PNC Bank has a savings account that can be linked with its Virtual Wallet options for an all-in-one money management solution. One of the perks is Low Cash Mode, which sends alerts and provides customers increased flexibility with overdrafts.

In addition to this account, customers also have two separate options — the Standard Savings Account and the Premiere Money Market Account.

Standard Savings Account

The PNC Standard Savings Account has no minimum balance requirements and customers get 6 free withdrawals per month. All PNC ATM usage is fee-free, and the account includes an auto-save feature. Monthly fees are $5 but these can be avoided if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The average monthly balance is above $300
  • Savings are linked with a PNC checking account
  • $25 is set aside for auto-save monthly
  • The account holder is under 18.

Premiere Money Market Account

The PNC Premiere Money Market Account has a minimum balance requirement of $100. The same fee-free ATM, auto-save and six free account withdrawals apply as with the Standard Savings Account. 

The main benefit of this account is higher interest rates, depending on the customer’s balance. Customers will need to reach out to PNC customer service for specific rates. Monthly fees are $12 but customers can have them waived by:

  • Maintaining a monthly balance over $5,000, or
  • Linking with their PNC checking account.

Other PNC Bank Fees

PNC Bank has multiple hidden fees. Some examples relate to overdraft services, statements and wire transfers. Anyone considering opening an account should read the terms carefully before signing up.

A Better Way to Bank

Final Take

Applying to open a PNC Bank account is a simple process when all the relevant materials are readily available. However, customers may need to monitor their accounts closely to avoid unwanted fees with PNC. While it has a range of accounts to suit most people, the hidden costs and ATM fees may warrant looking at other options before committing to it.


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