Can I Get a Cashier’s Check at Walmart?

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Walmart is a superstore that offers financial services in addition to groceries and consumer products. If you need to cash checks, you can usually do so at a Walmart MoneyCenter. A cashier’s check is a specialized form of check that often requires special handling, which is not available at Walmart. But if you have the correct documentation — and are willing to pay the handling fees — you can cash a check at a Walmart MoneyCenter.

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What Is a Cashier’s Check?

A cashier’s check is a secure way to transfer money. Cashier’s checks are only issued by banks or approved financial institutions. The most important distinction between a personal check and a cashier’s check is that a cashier’s check is backed by an issuing bank’s funds. Banks only issue cashier’s checks when they have received and verified a deposit of money sufficient to cover the check. Then, the bank will issue the cashier’s check, typically with a fee of around $10.

Walmart MoneyCenter Products and Services

Walmart is not a bank and cannot issue a cashier’s check. A Walmart MoneyCenter, however, can perform various financial transactions on behalf of customers. Walmart MoneyCenters offer the following services and products:

Although you can’t specifically get a Walmart cashier’s check, many of these other Walmart services are efficient means of transferring money to others.

Walmart Check-Cashing Services

Even though you can’t get a cashier’s check at Walmart, you can cash one. In fact, you can cash multiple kinds of checks at Walmart, including the following:

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Tax checks
  • 401(k) or other retirement distribution checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders that were purchased at Walmart
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The maximum amount you can cash at a Walmart is $5,000, although this rises to $7,500 in tax season, which is January through April. You can receive your payment in either cash or on a Walmart MoneyCard.

Fees are a maximum of $4 for preprinted checks up to $1,000, and a maximum of $8 for preprinted checks between $1,000 and $5,000. If you cash a two-party personal check of up to $200, you’ll incur a fee of up to $6.

If the store has a dedicated MoneyCenter, you can process your transactions there; otherwise, you can cash a check at any available customer service desk.

Where Can I Cash a Cashier’s Check?

In addition to third-party money services, like the Walmart MoneyCenter, you can typically cash a cashier’s check at any financial institution, including banks and credit unions. As with the Walmart MoneyCenter, you’ll need to provide identifying information to prove that you’re the correct person cashing the check.

When To Get a Cashier’s Check vs. a Money Order

In many ways, a cashier’s check acts like a money order — it’s a bank draft promising payment in full for a specific amount. Cashier’s checks are generally considered more secure, however, because they’re only offered by accredited financial institutions like banks. Cashier’s checks are often used for high dollar-value transactions, as the limit on a money order is typically $1,000.

Information is accurate as of May 19, 2023.

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