How To Load Your Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable spending card that allows you to earn 3% cash back on purchases, 2% cash back on purchases at Walmart gas stations and 1% cash back on purchases in Walmart stores, up to $75 per year. The card acts like a traditional debit card with an attached checking account, allowing you to make purchases, receive direct deposits and pay bills using the MoneyCard mobile app.

The following is a quick guide on how to load money onto the Walmart MoneyCard and the fees associated with its use.

How To Load Your Walmart MoneyCard

You have three options to choose from to load your Walmart MoneyCard:

  1. Load your card at any Walmart location: Take your Walmart MoneyCard to a checkout counter at any Walmart location and let the associate know how much money you plan to load on the card. You can load anywhere from $20 to $1,000 each time. Next, give the associate the money you’d like to load plus a $3 service fee and the associate will handle the rest for you. In-person deposits should reflect on your account within 10 minutes.
  2. Direct deposit: Fill out a direct deposit form with your employer. Be sure to accurately copy your account and routing number that came with your Walmart MoneyCard. Your employer will begin processing your payments via direct deposit rather than handing you a paper check.
  3. Deposit checks: If you receive a check from your employer or the government, you can take the check to the Walmart MoneyCenter. Cash the check, pay any MoneyCenter fees and ask your representative to load the money on your Walmart MoneyCard. Walmart will not charge you the $3 load fee when you cash a check in the MoneyCenter and use that money to load your card.

How Does a Walmart MoneyCard Work?

After you purchase a Walmart MoneyCard, you register the card online and set up your MoneyCard account. Then all you need to do is load the card with money and start using it. 

You can use the card for purchases at a point of sale or online. The card also comes with an account and routing number like a traditional checking account, allowing you to receive direct deposits and avoid check cashing fees. You can withdraw money from your Walmart MoneyCard at any Walmart MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk, at an ATM or via a teller at a participating bank.

Walmart MoneyCard Fees

Most banking accounts come with fees. The Walmart MoneyCard is no different. So how much does it cost to get a Walmart MoneyCard? The Walmart MoneyCard only costs $1, but there are several other fees you may incur when using the card, including:

  • Monthly fee: Walmart charges a monthly account maintenance fee of $5.94 on all Walmart MoneyCard accounts.
  • Load fees: You’ll pay $3 to load your card at Walmart locations, but you can avoid that fee by using the Walmart App. If you use a store other than Walmart, you’ll pay up to $5.95.
  • ATM and teller cash withdrawals: You’ll pay $2.50 to get cash. You can avoid this fee by getting cash back at Walmart locations.
  • Overdraft fee: You’ll pay a $15 fee if you overdraft your account.
  • ATM balance inquiry: Walmart charges 50 cents to tell you what your balance is at an ATM.
  • Foreign transaction fee: Walmart charges a 3% fee for all transactions with merchants outside of the U.S.
  • Paper checks: You can request a pack of 12 paper checks for $5.95.
  • Card replacement: It costs $3 to replace a lost or stolen Walmart MoneyCard. You can pay $15 if you’d like expedited delivery.
Upgrade Your Checking Account

Can Anyone Get a Walmart MoneyCard?

To get a Walmart MoneyCard account, you must be 18 years of age or older. You must verify your identity, including your Social Security number. Verification of an email address or mobile number is also required.

Final Take

Is the Walmart MoneyCard any good? It is if you are unable to get a traditional checking account and need an alternative that provides many of the same features. You can use it to get your paycheck faster with direct deposit, make purchases in person and online, pay bills and more, all while earning cash back.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Walmart MoneyCard.
  • Is the Walmart MoneyCard a real bank account?
    • The Walmart MoneyCard is different from a real bank account but it is issued by Green Dot Bank, which is an actual bank. Any deposits made to a Walmart MoneyCard account are FDIC-insured.
  • Can you withdraw money from your Walmart MoneyCard?
    • Yes, you can withdraw money from your Walmart MoneyCard in a number of ways:
      • -At any Walmart MoneyCenter
      • -At any Walmart Customer Service desk
      • -At an ATM
      • -Via teller at a participating bank

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Information is accurate as of March 14, 2023. 

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