10 Top Stocks of 2017

Discover the best stocks for all types of investors to buy now.

After a nine-year bull market, it’s tough to find a top stock suggestion, but yearly growth and future potential are two key indicators of the stocks to buy now. From momentum and value stocks to dividend plays, these top companies hail from a variety of sectors with distinct stories. Take a look at the top stocks of 2017 to decide which ones you should add to your portfolio.

10 Stocks to Buy Now

Offering a variety of options for speculators to income investors, this list delivers. Here’s a look 10 top stocks to buy that you might want to consider:

1. Facebook (FB)

  • Price: $182.78
  • Sector: Technology
  • Market Cap: $531.124 B
  • 52-Week Range: $114.00 to $184.25
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $206.83

As one of the top stocks to buy, Facebook needs no introduction; Unless you’ve been hibernating since 2004, you’re familiar with this social media giant that’s gained 60 percent just this year. Over the last three months, Facebook has received 30 buy ratings and only one sell and one hold analyst rating, according to InvestorPlace. In fact, RBC Capital heralds FB as the top growth stock in the technology sector.

Facebook’s future growth drivers include monetizing Instagram, WhatsApp and video. And don’t forget the huge FB advertising machine.

2. M/I Homes (MHO)

  • Price: $36.14
  • Sector: Industrial Goods
  • Market Cap: $907.8 M
  • 52-Week Range: $22.55 to $36.26
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $33.00

You might not expect to find M/I Homes on a list of top stocks for 2017, but this residential construction small-cap company is a good stock to buy on a price pullback. The diversified Ohio homebuilder targets first-time, move-up, empty-nester and luxury buyers.

With interest rates remaining near historic lows, buyers continue to flood the real estate markets. The new home market is especially robust, according to Realtor.com, which bodes well for MHO shareholders.

3. MasTec (MTZ)

  • Price: $42.15
  • Sector: Industrial Goods
  • Market Cap: $3.492 B
  • 52-Week Range: $34.33 to $49.50
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $56.17

To round out your industrial sector investments, take a look at MasTec, which could be a good stock to purchase. This infrastructure construction company, founded in 1929, might benefit when Trump follows through with his infrastructure rebuilding promises.

With an estimated one-year price target of $56.17, MTZ is also a value play for investors seeking a stock with an undervalued share price. Zack’s touts MasTec with a No. 1 strong buy ranking.

4. Ultra Clean Holdings (Nasdaq: UCTT )

  • Price: $24.33
  • Sector: Technology
  • Market Cap: $815.517 M
  • 52-Week Range: $9.25 to $34.59
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $33.20

This small-cap technology stock belongs to a semiconductor group that markets its products worldwide. One of the best stocks to buy now, Ultra Clean is trading in the middle of its 52-week range and $8 below its one-year price target.

Despite being one of the best-performing stocks and doubling in price during the previous 52 weeks, UCTT is considered both a growth and a value play. Ultra Clean has high projected sales growth and a price-earnings ratio on the lower side.

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5. Verizon (VZ)

  • Price: $47.96
  • Sector: Technology
  • Market Cap: $195.67 B
  • 52-Week Range: $42.80 to $54.83
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $50.48

When you’re seeking a high-yield stock, Verizon is a top technology stock to buy. With a forward dividend yield of 5.27 percent and 11 consecutive dividend increases, this domestic telecom services company could be a great addition for value investors. Verizon is a top U.S. wireless provider and has a hold in the cable, internet and landline markets, and buying Yahoo! gave Verizon an entrée into the media content arena as well.

6. Ryanair Holdings PLC (RYAAY)

  • Price: $120.81
  • Sector: International
  • Market Cap: $25.265 B
  • 52-Week Range: $78.35 to $127.35
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $124.33

One of the best stocks for international investors might be Ryanair Holdings: A dominant Irish airline that serves Ireland, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Morocco and Israel. Ryanair expects strong 2018 and 2019 profitability as the company expects to grow its customer base. To buy stocks with a competitive advantage, this international aviation company might be a good investment for your portfolio.

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7. Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. (MCRI)

  • Price: $47.24
  • Sector: Resorts & Casinos
  • Market Cap: $836.26 M
  • 52-Week Range: $23.10 to $47.92
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $47.25

Gamblers, speculators and momentum investors might want to buy stocks in the casino arena now. Try your luck with this small-cap owner of the Atlantis Casino in Reno and the Monarch Casino in Colorado.

Due to its small size, Monarch is a more efficient operator than its casino-industry competitors. With historical cash flow growth of 12 percent and a net margin of 12 percent as well, MCRI trumps competitors. Plus, Zack’s gives the resort company a No. 2 buy rating.

8. Kinder Morgan (KMI)

  • Price: $17.03
  • Sector: Basic Materials
  • Market Cap: $38.03 B
  • 52-Week Range: $16.70 to $23.01
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $23.44

This Texas energy infrastructure company gives investors exposure to the oil industry and a generous 2.91 percent dividend. Selling near its 52-week low of $16.70, KMI shares are expected to increase $6 per share during the upcoming year.

Operating across North America, KMI has $12.2 billion of high return, fee-based projects in the making. These projects are expected to increase earnings by up to 20 percent during the next few years, according to The Motley Fool. And if the stock appreciation falls short, the company expects to raise its dividend several times during the next three years.

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9. Pfizer (PFE)

  • Price: $35.85
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Market Cap: $213.69 B
  • 52-Week Range: $30.51 to $36.78
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $38.14

Newbies wondering how to invest might look at this high-yield pharmaceutical stock. The PFE ticker symbol represents a low-volatility stock that trades in a narrow range and pays 3.61 percent per share.

For exposure to the pharmaceutical sector, Pfizer’s growth holds promise: Ibrance could be one of the top five cancer drugs by 2022, according to the Motley Fool. Other cancer drugs Bavencio and Xtandi also hold promise for the future.

10. General Electric (GE)

  • Price: $18.30
  • Sector: Diversified Machinery
  • Market Cap: $158.742 B
  • Dividend: 4.50%
  • 52-Week Range: $17.46 to $32.38
  • One-Year Target Estimate: $22.64

For speculators, the high-yielding, unloved behemoth known as General Electric might pay off. GE has seen its share of troubles recently, with worse than expected third-quarter profits. But the market tends to overreact to bad news. Even if the company trims its dividend, contrarians might be interested.

The Boston-based company has been around since 1892 and might emerge leaner and meaner after the upcoming asset divestitures. Trading near its 52-week low, GE is a turnaround story that’s best for investors willing to take a risk.

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Prices accurate as of Nov. 28, 2017.