Tesla vs. Ford: Both Posted Earnings Beats, but Which Is the Better Investment?

Is Tesla the one to invest in despite its ups and downs?
  • Tesla smashed analyst expectations and gained big in after-hours trading.
  • Ford had another big down day, bringing its year-to-date losses to over 30 percent.
  • Ford is making more money, but Tesla is growing much faster.

Tesla’s (TSLA) Q3 earnings surprised analysts when it reported its first quarterly profit in two years — earning $2.90 a share on $6.82 billion in revenue against average analyst expectations of a loss of $0.15 a share on $6.32 billion in revenue after market close on Wednesday, Oct. 24. The news prompted a 9.14 percent gain on Thursday.

Meanwhile, big-three automaker Ford (F) saw shares plunge 4.77 percent the day before posting its own earnings beat at the same time. Ford reported earnings of $0.29 per share on $34.7 billion in revenue against expectations of $0.28 per share on revenue of $33.3 billion, prompting its own Thursday rally of almost 10 percent.

So, is Tesla’s big quarter a sign it really is the car company of the future, or does investing in a more traditional automaker like Ford make more sense?

Tesla vs. Ford Stock Comparison

Here’s a basic comparison of Tesla stock and Ford stock:

Share Price$314.86$8.99
Market Cap$53.7 billion$35.8 billion
2017 Revenue$11.8 billion$156.8 billion
2017 Profits-$2 billion$7.6 billion
2017 Revenue Growth68%3.3%
2017 Profit GrowthN/A65.4%
GOBankingRates’ Evaluation$3.6 billion$144 billion
P/E RatioN/A5.32
P/S Ratio3.930.23
Stock Gain/Loss Last Month4.61%-2.56%
Stock Gain/Loss Last Year-3.37%-26.36%
All market data accurate as of market close on Oct. 25, 2018.

Why You Might Pick Tesla Stock:

  • Tesla continues to post impressive revenue growth, adding nearly two-thirds to its 2016 total last year and more than tripling the $3.2 billion in sales it posted in 2014.
  • Production of the Model 3 hit 4,300 a week in Q3, pointing toward the potential for the company finally fixing production issues.
  • Cash on hand increased by over $700 million to almost $3 billion this quarter, potentially reducing the need to raise more funds.

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Why You Might Pick Ford Stock:

  • Ford’s dividend yield of 7.33 percent is excellent, providing a clear income potential that Tesla cannot.
  • From a value perspective, there’s no question as Ford would appear to be a very cheap stock with a PE ratio of 5.32 and PS ratio of 0.23 compared to a PS ratio of 3.93 for Tesla and no PE ratio (you need earnings for that).
  • Although nearly $3 billion of cash on hand might be good news for Tesla, Ford is sitting on over $25 billion in cash reserves.

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The Final Word on Tesla vs. Ford

Clearly, Tesla is the hot stock at the moment with the skyrocketing revenues to show for it, but Ford provides a clear value-buy with a great dividend.

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The author is long Ford.