See How These Startups Could Shape the Future

These companies are breaking down barriers left and right.

The entire landscape of the economy looks vastly different than anyone could’ve imagined decades ago. With music-streaming services like Spotify shaking up Wall Street, investors might be wondering which companies will be the “next big thing.”

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Uber is at the forefront of transportation technology and revolutionized accessibility for many Americans. After selling 14 percent of the company to SoftBank last year, the top end of Uber’s valuation of $70 billion would leave the company more valuable than Sony, Honda and 21st Century Fox.


Airbnb helped bring the hospitality industry to mainstream users. The product has become so powerful, some cities were forced to revamp laws to keep residents from driving up rents by catering to short-term rentals. Regardless, the company’s approximate valuation of $31 billion puts it ahead of General Mills, Tyson Foods and Ross Stores.


WeWork is helping small businesses get off the ground — quite literally. Providing workspaces for entrepreneurs and startups, the company already landed a valuation of $20 billion despite existing for less than a decade.

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In addition to being an extremely popular website for interior decorating ideas and recipe planning, Pinterest has climbed to the top of many venture capitalist’s lists for years. Hitting over 175 million active users last year, Pinterest has an approximate value of $12.3 billion.

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