Girl Boss, Entrepreneur and Dreamchaser: The Karli Mullane Story

She didn't just reach for the stars, she went for the Galuxsee.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift — that’s why we call it the present.”

Those words exemplify the attitude and motto of Karli Mullane, the creator and founder of entertainment app Galuxsee. Read on to learn the inspirational story of the website’s creator and founder.

Childhood Dreams Turn Into Reality

At 10 years old, Mullane’s childhood suffered an abrupt end when her beloved father died, thrusting her into the harsh reality of the real world — and propelling her to rely on her dreams to help sculpt the kind of reality she wanted for herself.

Always enamored by the allure of celebrity culture, Mullane’s sights have always been set on the land of the stars. Even at the tender age of 4, Karli wanted to emulate her favorite icons — even when that meant getting the same shoes as TV’s Punky Brewster.

Her “Never Give Up” attitude led her to create a position in the video department at entertainment news outlet PopSugar — but life struck again when Mullane came down with a serious illness which threatened to derail her career altogether.

“I would’ve stayed at any of my previous jobs until I was old and gray and nobody wanted to see me on video,” she said. “I would not have made this bold choice to start my own thing.”

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Reaching Amongst the Stars, Into the Galuxsee

After some soulsearching — and a $30,000 investment from her own personal savings — Galuxsee was born.

Designed as a website that “you can search and find locations that celebrities have been to,” Mullane’s platform promises users the experience of “having a celebrity experience for [themselves].”

The site features a number of notable locations — iconic Randy’s Donuts, the “Love Wall” where Jenna Dewan Tatum took a famous Instagram selfie, Big Daddy’s Antiques which is known to be a frequent Kardashian thrifting hot spot — typically pulled directly from the social feeds of the celebrities themselves.

“I want to make sure that Galuxsee is celebrity-friendly, so I generally gather content straight from their social media feeds,” Mullane said. “About 10 percent of it is original content that I try to work into.”

With over 12,000 locations globally — and then some — Galuxsee is working on creating an accessible pathway for everyone to live like the stars.

“Galuxsee is my ‘Plan A’ and there’s nothing beyond that,” Mullane said. “It’s my dream, and I’m committed to living my dream life.”

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