Mark Zuckerberg Made $3B After Testifying in Front of Congress

Zuckerberg’s net worth has fared well since the data scandal.

The creator of Facebook was forced to give Congress some face time this past week, spending over 10 hours testifying between Tuesday and Wednesday. Senators questioned Mark Zuckerberg about how his company collects personal data after disclosures that Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm, gained access to the private information of 87 million Facebook users.

Despite the grilling from lawmakers, it seems Mark Zuckerberg’s nest egg is still intact — in fact, his testimony might have even made him richer.

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Even though shares of Facebook stock did take a slight dip on Thursday morning, according to CNN Money those shares are still up almost 3 percent since Zuckerberg faced questions from the Senate on Tuesday. Facebook’s stock reportedly gained roughly 4.5 percent overall since the start of Tuesday’s trading day.

Despite going through the gantlet of questioning, he came out the other side a wealthier man — to the tune of over $3 billion. Zuckerberg — who has 401.4 million shares in his brainchild social media network — upped his stake in the company to a mind-boggling $66 billion.

Zuckerberg isn’t the only one who got a cash infusion from the testimony, however — anyone who owns shares in the company saw a nice increase. The company’s total market value has reportedly increased by “nearly $23 billion since Tuesday morning,” CNN Money reported.

More welcome news for “The Zuck” and his bucks: Analysts are also predicting that the worst of the storm might have passed for Facebook, according to CNN Money. In a report released on Thursday, the news outlet reported that the “general sense from Wall Street analysts is that Facebook might face some calls for more regulation but few seem to think that Facebook and other social media companies will wind up getting hit with crippling new rules that could hurt profits.”

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