Walmart and Intel Team Up to Turn Your PC Into a Dressing Room

Shoppers can try on clothes before they buy — all from home.

The Chinese are revolutionizing retail. Jingdong, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, announced its plan to modernize the shopping experience with integrated augmented reality.

Jingdong also announced a new Augmented Reality Innovation Alliance — including hundreds of major corporations like Walmart, Intel, Lenovo and more — that will help make its new AR tech a reality for those stores, according to Forbes.

Experts have forecasted AR as the future of retail, and Jingdong is going one step further to bridge the divide between shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers and online shopping.

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Last month, the company released three new AR innovations to market:

  • AR Dressing Mirror: Customers can skip hauling clothes to a dressing room. Instead, the shopper’s height, chest, waist and hip measurements are taken using 3D scanning technology and AI. Just three seconds later, a personalized 3D virtual image is created and the customer’s avatar can try on clothes and shoes.
  • AR Makeup Mirror: Through the use of facial recognition technology, consumers can try on makeup products without ever touching their skin. The platform offers integrated social media capabilities for users to share and get feedback from their friends on their new look.
  • AR Smart Glasses: Jingdong’s smart glasses will use facial recognition and big data technology to accurately identify shoppers and help merchants purchase according to consumers’ preferences.

The technologies seamlessly merge online and offline shopping. With your saved shopper profile, you shop online and virtually try on clothes, shoes and cosmetics from any of the partner retailers. Just think: No more second-guessing a purchase because of color, sizing or fit.

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The technology integration is already producing great returns for Jingdong. Online orders have increased by 9.6 percent and customer returns are down by 7.5 percent, Forbes reported.

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The technology isn’t reserved only for the Chinese market — Walmart said it will be the first to go online to join the Jingdong AR makeup mirror cooperation. For online shoppers, it won’t be long before you’ll get to try on clothes from the comfort of your own home.

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