How Nancy Pelosi Has Earned Millions as She’s Confirmed as Speaker of the House Once More

See how Nancy Pelosi made millions as Democrats take the House.
  • After the historic 2018 midterm elections, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was again confirmed to the role of speaker of the House of Representatives on Jan. 3, 2019.
  • As a couple, Pelosi and her husband have a combined net worth between -$58.7 million and $72.1 million.
  • Until 1987, the career politician worked in unpaid roles.

On Nov. 6, Democrats played offense in their political battle to control Congress. Although they didn’t achieve their midterm election goal of Senate control, they claimed another victory when they seized a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives. The Democrats control 235 seats to the Republicans’ 199 seats as of Jan. 3.

Now that Democrats hold the majority, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has reassumed the role of speaker of the House of Representatives — replacing Rep. Paul Ryan in the process. This election saw many firsts, like the first Native American woman and the first Muslim woman elected to Congress. GOBankingRates explored the life and fortune of Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the House when she served from 2007 to 2011 in this high-paying position.

Birthdate: March 26, 1940
Net Worth: -$58.7 million to $72.1 million
Primary Sources of Income: U.S. congressional salary
Career Highlights: First woman speaker of the House of Representatives

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Nancy Pelosi Net Worth: -$58.7 million to $72.1 million

As the veteran congresswoman representing California’s 12th District, Pelosi is rooted in politics. The daughter of Baltimore’s former mayor and five-term Maryland congressman, Pelosi’s political ambitions began while she was an unpaid intern for a Democratic senator in 1962.

With over a half-century of experience as a civil servant, Pelosi had unpaid roles until she was elected to Congress in 1987. The financial disclosures provided to Congress reveals a broad range of potential values for Pelosi and her husband’s combined net worth. Reporting assets with a range of values from $20.3 million and $89.1 million — and debts of $17 million to $79.1 million — the couple could be anywhere from nearly $60 million in debt to over $70 million in the black.

But congressional news site Roll Call pegs her net worth at $16 million — good for the 30th-richest member of the 115th Congress.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband and Properties

Pelosi’s past annual salary as minority leader was $193,400. This time, in her resumed role as speaker, she’ll get a raise to $223,500. The majority of her wealth is attributed to the success of her venture capitalist and real estate tycoon husband of 55 years, Paul Pelosi. His firm, Financial Leasing Services, has a track record of wise investments in companies like Facebook, Apple and Disney.

Among the couple’s shared properties are an estate and vineyard in Northern California’s stunning wine country estimated to be between $5 million and $25 million, and the couple sold their California ski home for $1.53 million in 2016.

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Joel Anderson contributed to the reporting for this article.

Net worth and other figures accurate as of Nov. 30, 2018.