After the Midterms, One Party Controls All the Wealthiest Congressional Districts

See where the richest congressional districts in the U.S. are.

Money and politics have become inseparable in America, with elections and campaigns more expensive than ever, especially in light of the 2018 midterm elections. Super PACs, although barred from coordinating with politicians directly, can help raise millions of dollars for a campaign and singlehandedly sway the outcome of an election.

GOBankingRates explored the connection between politics and money in a new analysis that determined the wealthiest congressional districts in the U.S. after the 2018 midterm election results came in. The report analyzed all 435 congressional districts in the nation, using income data sourced from the Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey.

Although Florida has plenty of wealthy individuals, incomes in the state are quite low, overall. Low incomes bring down the median income of the population. Add on the manner in which congressional districts are drawn, and the result is that Florida is not among the wealthiest in the U.S.

Keep reading to find out where the richest congressional districts are in America — and which party represents them.


Top 10 Wealthiest Congressional Districts in the US

California, New Jersey, New York and Virginia dominated the top 10 wealthiest congressional districts. Out of the wealthiest 50 districts, 13 are located in California; eight are in New York; five in New Jersey; and four in Virginia. Massachusetts, which didn’t make the top 10, still sports four of the nation’s richest congressional districts.

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Here are the 10 richest congressional districts in the U.S. by median household income:

  1. Congressional District 10, Virginia: $116,069 | Democrat
  2. Congressional District 18, California: $112,702 | Democrat
  3. Congressional District 17, California: $107,946 | Democrat
  4. Congressional District 11, Virginia: $105,024 | Democrat
  5. Congressional District 7, New Jersey: $104,987 | Democrat
  6. Congressional District 3, New York: $104,805 | Democrat
  7. Congressional District 11, New Jersey: $103,419 | Democrat
  8. Congressional District 8, Virginia: $100,649 | Democrat
  9. Congressional District 33, California: $99,902 | Democrat
  10. Congressional District 8, Maryland: $97,663 | Democrat

Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is the wealthiest in the country and will now be represented by the Democratic Party. This sprawling district in Northern Virginia is home to some towns well-known for their affluence. Great Falls boasts a median household income of $230,304, according to the Census Bureau. McLean isn’t too shabby, either, at $190,258. Newly elected Democrat Jennifer Wexton represents the district.

California’s 17th and 18th Districts can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 17th District includes Cupertino, Fremont, Santa Clara, San Jose and Sunnyvale, places that are well-known for surging home values and tech industry wealth. The same goes for the 18th District, which covers Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City and Santa Cruz. California’s 33rd District is in Southern California and stretches from Malibu in the northwest to Ranchos Palos Verdes in the southeast, covering all the wealthiest parts of Los Angeles.

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List of the Richest Congressional Districts in the US

Among the top 10 richest congressional districts, Democrats now represent all 10. Out of the 50 richest districts, Democrats have 41 to Republicans’ nine.

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Check out the 50 wealthiest congressional districts in the nation:

50 Wealthiest Congressional Districts in the US

StateDistrictMedian Household IncomeRepresentativeParty
1VA10th$116,069Jennifer WextonDemocrat
2CA18th$112,702Anna EshooDemocrat
3CA17th$107,946Ro KhannaDemocrat
4VA11th$105,024Gerald ConnollyDemocrat
5NJ7th$104,987Tom MalinowskiDemocrat
6NY3rd$104,805Thomas SuozziDemocrat
7NJ11th$103,419Mikie SherrillDemocrat
8VA8th$100,649Donald BeyerDemocrat
9CA33rd$99,902Ted LieuDemocrat
10MD8th$97,663Jamie RaskinDemocrat
11CA15th$97,232Eric SwalwellDemocrat
12NY4th$96,078Kathleen RiceDemocrat
13NJ5th$95,701Josh GottheimerDemocrat
14CA45th$93,995Mimi WaltersRepublican
15IL6th$93,839Sean CastenDemocrat
16CA14th$93,666Jackie SpeierDemocrat
17NY12th$93,559Carolyn MaloneyDemocrat
18MD5th$92,295Steny HoyerDemocrat
19NY17th$91,734Nita LoweyDemocrat
20MA4th$91,203Joseph Kennedy IIIDemocrat
21NY2nd$90,614Peter KingRepublican
22TX22nd$90,194Pete OlsonRepublican
23CT4th$90,142James HimesDemocrat
24CA12th$88,364Nancy PelosiDemocrat
25NY1st$88,242Lee ZeldinRepublican
26TX3rd$86,783Van TaylorRepublican
27IL14th$86,449Lauren UnderwoodDemocrat
28MA5th$86,416Katherine ClarkDemocrat
29CA52nd$86,174Scott PetersDemocrat
30WA1st$85,293Suzan DelBeneDemocrat
31CA19th$85,010Zoe LofgrenDemocrat
32CA48th$83,894Harley RoudaDemocrat
33PA7th$82,483Susan WildDemocrat
34GA6th$82,390Lucy McBathDemocrat
35NY10th$81,814Jerrold NadlerDemocrat
36MN3rd$81,804Dean PhillipsDemocrat
37MA6th$81,711Seth MoultonDemocrat
38TX26th$81,425Michael BurgessRepublican
39NJ12th$81,115Bonnie Watson ColemanDemocrat
40MD3rd$81,032John SarbanesDemocrat
41CA39th$80,844Young KimRepublican
42VA1st$80,492Robert WittmanRepublican
43PA8th$79,615Matt CartwrightDemocrat
44NY18th$79,539Sean MaloneyDemocrat
45MA8th$78,995Stephen LynchDemocrat
46CA11th$78,487Mark DeSaulnierDemocrat
47NJ4th$77,685Christopher “Chris” SmithRepublican
48PA6th$77,580Chrissy HoulahanDemocrat
49CA49th$77,558Mike Levin (projected win)Democrat
50MN2nd$77,468Angie CraigDemocrat

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Methodology: The study analyzed every congressional district in all 50 states, determining the wealthiest congressional districts based on the highest median household income, sourced from the Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey. The mean household income was included in our data for representational purposes. Information on representatives and political parties was sourced from GovTrack.

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