Walmart Deals Are Increasing Thanks to Shoppers Like You–Here’s How

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When you shop at Walmart it is typically to get the best deals at the discount mega-retailer. Aside from just general low prices, Walmart is also being driven to offer its customers better deals, deeper discounts and some of its biggest sales yet due to consumer demand. Get ready to stock up and save money on everything from groceries to electronics to health wellness products, as according to Walmart, you’ve earned it. 

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Walmart Deals vs. Walmart Shoppers: Finding Secret Clearance

As Walmart has had a good year so far and surpassed many revenue goals, it is returning the favor to Walmart shoppers who flock to their local stores clamoring for deals. Even if you haven’t seen the latest ad for what Walmart has on special still might be able to find some sneaky clearance items. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Walmart does all of its clearance markdowns in-house so they have less chance of surplus inventory or other overhead. This means they can put steep discounts on items, and display them on the shelves without putting them in a separate sale section. Keep your eye peeled. 
  • Walmart store’s secret clearance is often referred to as hidden clearance, as it is hidden in plain sight every day of the week.
  • You can usually find most Walmart clearance items for under $10, however, there are also sales on big-ticket items such as smartphones, hoverboards, televisions or other electronics. 
  • Think of Walmart deals for secret clearance sales like treasure hunting–if you go digging enough, you’ll definitely find some great deals. 
  • Due to increased consumer spending, Walmart will continue, and possibly even amplify discounts, sales and deals for shoppers. It may also grant early access to loyal customers or Walmart+ members. 
  • If you aren’t sure what the most current price tags for an item are, or you suspect it could be on clearance, you can log into or download the Walmart app and use the “Check a Price” tool. This service will show you the price or sale price of an item in real time. 

What Is Walmart Plus Week?

Formerly known as the Walmart Deals for Days sale, Walmart Plus Week is one of Walmart’s biggest sales of the year. If you have been considering a Walmart+ membership or are already a Walmart+ member, this is a good sale to keep in mind. It is similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts and you’ll find deals on everything from seasonal apparel to kitchen appliances. 

Here are some things to know about Walmart Plus Week:

  • Walmart Plus Week is an updated version of Walmart Deals for Days and promises to offer even better clearances than before. 
  • It is an annual sale. In 2023, it ran from July 6 to July 11. 
  • One of the deals you can get during Walmart Plus Week is a 50% discount on a Walmart Plus membership.
  • Though the sales are available to all Walmart shoppers, Walmart+members do have early access to the deals. 
  • Walmart Plus Week is usually run around the same time as Amazon Prime Day to compete with the other major retailer. 
Make Your Money Work for You

Final Take To GO: Current Walmart Deals

Walmart is taking its cues from customers like you, as essentially it boiled down to this: the more you shop, the more you are rewarded in sales, deals, discounts and loyalty programs. Whether you are hunting for hidden clearance items or want to take advantage of becoming a Walmart+ member, Walmart is now offering so much more for so much less. Apparently, it does pay to shop. 


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Walmart, deals, clearance sales and more.
  • Does Walmart have secret clearance?
    • Yes, Walmart does have secret clearance items, but generally, they are just items severely discounted or marked down and then put back on shelves with regular items so you have to search a bit to find them.
  • How do I find my hidden clearance from Walmart?
    • One of the best ways to find if an item is on hidden clearance is to download or log into the Walmart app and use the "Check a Price" tool which is a service that will show you the most updated price for an item and indicate whether it's on sale or not.
  • What is Walmart+ Week?
    • Walmart+ Week is one of Walmart's biggest sales of the year similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts. Though the sales are available to all Walmart shoppers, Walmart Plus members do have early access to the deals.
  • Does Walmart have Prime Day deals?
    • Walmart is not directly related to Amazon and therefore does not specifically have Prime Day deals. However, Walmart does run the Walmart Plus Week around the same time as Amazon Prime Day to compete with the sale which is typically in July.

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