Here’s Your BMO Harris Routing Number

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Routing numbers are used by banks and other financial institutions to identify each other when transferring money. These nine-digit codes help streamline the movement of electronic funds between banks, ensuring funds are transferred quickly and accurately.

Continue reading to learn about the routing number for BMO Harris, a Chicago-based bank with more than 500 branches in eight states.

BMO Harris Routing Number

The routing number for all BMO Harris personal bank accounts is 071025661.

BMO Harris maintains just one account number for all its personal bank accounts, regardless of the account holder’s state of residence or branch location. 

However, not all banks follow this model. Some financial institutions maintain separate routing numbers by geographic region. A single bank may also use multiple routing numbers for different purposes.

How Routing Numbers Are Used

Routing numbers are commonly used for check processing, electronic payments and direct deposit payments. Other common uses include ACH transfers and electronic bill payments.

You may have given your bank’s routing number to your HR department when you set up direct deposit during the onboarding process at your job. If you’re of retirement age, the government can use your bank’s routing number to direct deposit your Social Security payments into your account.

Locating a Bank’s Routing Number

There are several ways to find a bank’s routing number. In the past, the easiest way to find your bank’s routing number was to look in your checkbook: the first nine digits listed at the bottom of a check are the routing number. However, as electronic payment methods have become more common and checks are less often used, this method is less helpful than it once was.

A Better Way to Bank

Alternative methods for locating your bank’s routing number include: 

  • Conducting a search of your bank’s website.
  • Getting in touch with a customer service representative from your bank.
  • Looking on your online bank account or mobile app.
  • Using the online ABA Routing Number Lookup tool.

BMO Harris SWIFT Code for International Wire Transfers

International wire transfers use SWIFT codes to identify the banks that receive and transfer funds. BMO Harris doesn’t list a SWIFT code on its website, though multiple third-party sites list it as HATRUS44. BMO Harris notes that if you need to send a wire transfer, you will have to visit a branch.

Final Take

Because routing numbers are publicly available information, it’s easy to find your bank’s routing number online. Just make sure the website you’re consulting is reputable and up to date.

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