Here’s Your Chase Routing Number

Chase routing number

It’s useful to know your checking account routing number, because you’ll need it to sign up for direct deposit, make payroll payments and send wire transfers. If you’re a Chase customer or are transferring money to a Chase account, refer to the chart below for a list of every Chase routing number.

Chase Routing Numbers by State

Use the table below to find your state and ABA routing number for Chase. Make sure the routing number matches your checks and account.

State Chase Routing Number
Alabama 065400137
Arizona 122100024
Arkansas 065400137
California 322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut 021100361
District of Colombia 044000037
Delaware 083000137
Florida 267084131
Georgia 061092387
Idaho 123271978
Illinois 071000013
Indiana 074000010
Iowa 075000019
Kansas 103000648
Kentucky 083000137
Louisiana 065400137
Massachusetts 021000021
Maryland 044000037
Maine 083000137
Michigan 072000326
Minnesota 075000019
Missouri 103000648
Mississippi 065400137
Montana 102001017
Nevada 322271627
New Jersey 021202337
New York — Downstate 021000021
New York — Upstate 022300173
Nebraska 103000648
New Hampshire 083000137
New Mexico 102001017
North Carolina 072000326
North Dakota 103000648
Ohio 044000037
Oklahoma 103000648
Oregon 325070760
Pennsylvania 083000137
Rhode Island 083000137
South Carolina 072000326
South Dakota 103000648
Texas 111000614
Tennessee 065400137
Utah 124001545
Virginia 044000037
Vermont 083000137
Washington 325070760
West Virginia 051900366
Wisconsin 075000019
Wyoming 102001017
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What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number, also known as an American Bankers Association or ABA number, comprises nine digits that tell financial institutions where transactions need to be processed. For example, when you deposit a check at an ATM, the routing number lets the bank identify the financial institution from which the check was drawn.

Many banks have only one routing number, but because Chase is so big, it has multiple routing numbers across the U.S. If you’re a Chase customer, your routing number depends on where you opened your account.

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number

The first four numbers of the routing number are Federal Reserve Bank identifiers. The next four numbers in the sequence identify your bank. These numbers are assigned, just like your checking account number. The last digit in a routing number is the check digit, which is calculated from an algorithm and validates the eight-digit bank routing number’s authenticity.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number

There are a few ways to find a Chase routing number. If you remember which state you opened your account in, just use the chart. 

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If you have a Chase checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check — the check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower left corner. You might not have a check handy, however, so you can also call Chase any time at 800-935-9935 to find the routing number for your account.

If you are at all confused about which number to use, you should consider calling Chase, because using the right number could mean the difference between your money going into the right or wrong account.

What Is the Routing Number for International Wire Transfers?

To complete an international wire transfer, you’ll use a SWIFT code instead of a routing number. The SWIFT code is an international bank code that identifies financial institutions worldwide. You’ll need to give this code to anyone who wants to send money to you from overseas. You can contact your recipient’s bank directly for the code or look it up online.

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In addition to using the SWIFT code, you must supply specific information to your bank whenever someone is wiring money to you from another country. This information includes your account number, shown in the following example, and your name as it appears on the account.

Account Number on Check

When you’re transferring money to someone internationally, the recipient will also need to know their bank routing number to receive the money. If you’re making or receiving a domestic wire transfer, there’s a specific number for that as well.

Here are Chase’s wire transfer numbers:

Transfer Type Number
Domestic Wire Transfer 021000021
International Wire Transfer 021000021

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