Here’s Your Huntington Bank Routing Number

Learn how to identify your Huntington Bank routing number.

If you’re looking to transfer money or set up a direct deposit with Huntington National Bank, you’ll need to know your bank routing number. Bear in mind that this number is different from your Huntington Bank account number. Keep reading to learn how to find your routing number in seconds.

How to Find Your Routing Number

You have four options to locate your Huntington National Bank routing number:

  1. Log on to online banking
  2. Use the mobile app
  3. Look at the routing number on a check
  4. Review your bank statement

With online banking, you’ll find your routing number on your account details page in the Account Information section. On the mobile app, your routing number can be found in the Summary tab. On a check, your routing number will be the nine-digit number at the bottom left.

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On your bank statement, you’ll have to do some extra legwork. Look up your account number at the top right of your statement. Take the third and fourth digits and match it up with the following table to find your Huntington Bank routing number:

Huntington Bank Routing Numbers
Account NumberRouting NumberAccount NumberRouting Number

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit number, sometimes called an ABA number, that serves as a roadmap for financial transactions between banks. If you’re trying to move money from one place to another, either via an ACH transfer or even a simple check, the routing number will allocate the transfer to the right bank and the correct account.

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What Do the Numbers Mean?

The first four digits of the routing number represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol. Each of the 12 Federal Reserve districts has its own codes. For example, Federal Reserve District 12 includes Los Angeles, so a bank routing number search in Los Angeles reveals routing numbers beginning with 1220, 1221 and so on. The next group of four numbers are ABA institution identifiers, which identify your specific bank. The final number is a “check” digit, which validates the prior eight numbers.

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Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

Huntington Bank has different identifying numbers if you’re making either a domestic or an international wire transfer.

For incoming domestic wire transfers, Huntington Bank has one identifying number: 044000024.

For incoming international wire transfers, you’ll have to provide the sender with a SWIFT code, rather than your Huntington Bank routing number or the domestic wire transfer number. Also known as a Bank Identifier Code, a SWIFT code is eight or 11 digits long and includes both letters and numbers. A SWIFT code is used to identify the country, bank and branch where an account is registered.

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