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Difficulty finding a routing number? Huntington Bank operates across 11 different states and has more than 1,000 branches, so customers may think it’s tricky to get things done with such a large bank. However, finding your Huntington Bank routing number is simple.

How Do I Find My Huntington Bank Routing Number?

There are four places to find a Huntington Bank routing number:

  • Checks
  • Online banking
  • Huntington Bank’s mobile app
  • Bank statements


On a paper check issued by Huntington Bank, the routing number will always be shown as the nine-digit number located in the bottom left corner. If no checks are involved, the routing number can be accessed from the Huntington Bank app or using online banking.

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Online Banking

Once logged in, users need to:

  1. Select an account from The Hub.
  2. Click Account Numbers & More.
  3. Find the routing number, which will be displayed along with the other details.

Huntington Bank Mobile App

Users should log into the app and then:

  1. Select an account.
  2. Toggle over to the Summary tab.
  3. Find the routing number, displayed next to the account number and account type.

Bank Statements

Another method that can be used to acquire the routing number is by looking at a bank statement. The third and fourth digits of each account number correspond to a specific routing number. The table below shows which routing number is for each code:

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Account Number Routing Number Account Number Routing Number
02 041215032 03 044115090
04 041215016 05 041215032
06 044000024 07 044000024
08 044115090 09 044115090
10 041215032 11 044000024
12 041215032 13 044000024
14 042215060 15 072403473
16 044115090 17 072403473
18 072403473 19 051903761
22 051903761 24 051903761
26 041215016 27 051903761
28 044115090 29 057000697
31 044115090 34 074000078
36 072403473 38 072403473
40 074000078 41 051903761
43 074000078 44 042215060
45 042215060 47 041215016
48 044115090 50 041215032
51 044115090 52 051903761
53 051903761 54 041215016
55 074000078 56 051903761
57 051903761 58 041215032
59 041215032 60 044000024
61 044000024 62 044000024
63 041215032 65 042015422
66 041000153 67 044108641
70 041215016 71 042100191
72 042100191 74 042100191
76 044000024 77 044000024
78 041215032 89 044000024

What Is the Purpose of a Routing Number?

Routing numbers are associated with clearing financial transactions, setting up direct deposits on an account and organizing wire transfers. Larger banks will often have numerous routing numbers, as they operate a lot more branches than small, single-region institutions.

Routing Number for Wire Transfers

When receiving or sending money domestically, Huntington Bank has one single routing number for wire transfers: 044000024.

For international transfers, customers may also need to include Huntington Bank’s SWIFT code, which is HUNTUS33.


The most efficient method to find a specific routing number is by using online banking or taking advantage of Huntington Bank’s mobile app. Once the number is located, customers have the freedom to complete real-time payments or wire transfers, set up bill pay or integrate seamlessly with Zelle to move money from place to place.


  • How do I find my routing number in the Huntington app?
    • The Huntington Bank mobile app is free to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply log in, select an account and choose the Summary Tab to find your routing number.
  • What is the routing number for Huntington Bank in Ohio?
    • Huntington Bank branches in Ohio have different routing numbers depending on their location. For specific details, customers can find out more on the Huntington Bank website or by using the chart above.
    • The Huntington Bank Ohio routing number for wire transfers is 044000024.
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Information is accurate as of September 22, 2022.

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Huntington Bank. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, ratings or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Huntington Bank.

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