What $1,000 Invested 10 Years Ago in These Retail Stocks Is Worth Now

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    For the most part, investing $1,000 into nearly any stock over the past decade was a winning strategy. However, while some of the most popular retail stocks produced significant gains, other well-known stocks actually lost money from 2011 to 2021. Here’s a look at how much $1,000 invested in some familiar brand names in 2011 would be worth today.

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    Netflix (NFLX)

    • Price per share in 2011: $11.05
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 90.50
    • Current price per share: $671.66

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $60,783.71

    Netflix made its name with its DVD-by-mail service before pioneering the world of online streaming.

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    Amazon (AMZN)

    • Price per share in 2011: $198.40
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 5.04
    • Current price per share: $3,320.37

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $16,735.74

    Amazon dominated the world of online retailing over the past decade, rising from its humble origins as an online bookseller to become one of the most valuable companies on Earth.

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    Charter Communications (CHTR)

    • Price per share in 2011: $54.89
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 18.22
    • Current price per share: $726.89

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $13,242.67

    Charter Communications has ridden the wave of the move toward broadband services to fuel its stock gain over the past decade.

    Lowe’s (LOW)

    • Price per share in 2011: $21.51
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 46.49
    • Current price per share: $231.82

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $10,777.31

    Lowe’s has benefited from the constant need for home improvements and new construction builds.

    Home Depot (HD)

    • Price per share in 2011: $36.04
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 27.75
    • Current price per share: $371.26

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $10,301.33

    Home Depot has a great long-term track record but has also benefited from the surge in home improvements from stay-at-home workers during the pandemic.

    Nike (NKE)

    • Price per share in 2011: $23.43
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 42.68
    • Current price per share: $164.22

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $7,008.96

    Nike has always leveraged its powerful brand, currently ranking No. 17 in the world, on the strength of its marketing campaigns and its impressive roster of competitive athlete endorsers.

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    Estee Lauder (EL)

    • Price per share in 2011: $48.30
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 20.70
    • Current price per share: $330.00

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $6,832.30

    Estee Lauder continues to thrive on the strengths of its many top-tier names, from its namesake brand to Tom Ford Beauty, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, Donna Karan, MAC, Michael Kors, DKNY and more.

    eBay (EBAY)

    • Price per share in 2011: $12.84
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 77.88
    • Current price per share: $80.69

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $6,284.27

    This pioneer of third-party online sales continues to chug along.

    Costco (COST)

    • Price per share in 2011: $83.23
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 12.01
    • Current price per share: $490.10

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $5,888.50

    Costco’s main profit engine is its membership fee revenue, supplied by a fanbase that is more than willing to pay for the experience of snagging discounts in its warehouse-style stores.

    Dollar General (DG)

    • Price per share in 2011: $40.36
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 24.78
    • Current price per share: $223.07
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    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $5,527.01

    Dollar General dubs itself “America’s neighborhood store,” focusing on low-priced basic needs for households in 46 states.

    Prologis (PLD)

    • Price per share in 2011: $27.45
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 36.43
    • Current price per share: $144.70

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $5,271.40

    Prologis is an international real estate investment trust that focuses on logistics via its warehouses, distribution facilities and fulfillment centers.

    Marriott (MAR)

    • Price per share in 2011: $29.55
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 33.84
    • Current price per share: $154.08

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $5,214.21

    Marriott was hurt badly by the pandemic but is already showing signs of recovery.

    Disney (DIS)

    • Price per share in 2011: $34.51
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 28.98
    • Current price per share: $172.01

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,984.35

    Disney’s three main profit drivers of filmed entertainment, cruise ships and theme parks are ramping up after pandemic-related shutdowns.

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    Target Corporation (TGT)

    • Price per share in 2011: $54.40
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 18.38
    • Current price per share: $260.16
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    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,782.35

    The popular discount retailer goes head-to-head with Walmart and has recently shown major gains in online sales.

    Comcast (CMCSA)

    • Price per share in 2011: $12.10
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 82.64
    • Current price per share: $54.08

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,469.42

    Comcast’s success relies on the strengths of its two main divisions, as it owns both Comcast Cable, the largest video, high-speed internet and phone service provider in the United States, and entertainment juggernaut NBCUniversal.

    TJX Companies (TJX)

    • Price per share in 2011: $14.77
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 67.70
    • Current price per share: $65.18

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,413.00

    This parent company of TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshalls targets a wide variety of shoppers, with its fate rising and falling with the economy.

    Ecolab (ECL)

    • Price per share in 2011: $52.66
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 18.99
    • Current price per share: $223.37

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,241.74

    Ecolab shares have more than quadrupled over the past decade, as demand for its core products — water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions — continues to boom.

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    Crown Castle (CCI)

    • Price per share in 2011: $43.15
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 23.17
    • Current price per share: $178.11

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $4,127.69

    Crown Castle is a real estate investment trust focusing primarily on cell towers and fiber, businesses that continue to thrive during the 5G revolution.

    Public Storage (PSA)

    • Price per share in 2011: $122.45
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 8.17
    • Current price per share: $328.92

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,686.16

    This real estate investment trust is the largest brand of self-storage units in the United States.

    Walmart (WMT)

    • Price per share in 2011: $56.71
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 17.63
    • Current price per share: $150.06

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,646.09

    In terms of annual revenue, Walmart remains by far the largest retailer in the world.

    Mondelez (MDLZ)

    • Price per share in 2011: $23.34
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 42.84
    • Current price per share: $60.62

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,597.04

    Mondelez is one of the world’s largest producers of snacks, including Oreo, Cadbury and Trident brands, operating in over 150 countries with revenues of over $25 billion.

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    McDonald’s (MCD)

    • Price per share in 2011: $91.77
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 10.90
    • Current price per share: $237.34

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,586.25

    McDonald’s is no longer a high-growth company but has locations all across the world, with the brand recognition of its Golden Arches continuing to drive sales.

    PepsiCo (PEP)

    • Price per share in 2011: $61.82
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 16.18
    • Current price per share: $159.22

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,575.54

    PepsiCo is the top-selling beverage company in the world, with net revenue of over $70 billion in 2020 alone.

    Procter & Gamble (PG)

    • Price per share in 2011: $64.51
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 15.50
    • Current price per share: $140.85

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $2,183.38

    Nearly every household in America has at least some Procter & Gamble products, helping to make the stock defensive in times of economic distress.

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    Altria Group (MO)

    • Price per share in 2011: $27
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 37.04
    • Current price per share: $48.14

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $1,782.96

    Altria was spun off from Philip Morris to focus on domestic sales of tobacco and cigarette products. The company is actively moving toward lower-risk options through the development of alternative products.

    Colgate-Palmolive (CL)

    • Price per share in 2011: $44.99
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 22.23
    • Current price per share: $75.23

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $1,672.15

    Like Procter & Gamble, it would be hard to find a household that doesn’t use Colgate-Palmolive products, from toothpaste and baby care to detergents and shaving products.

    Coca-Cola (KO)

    • Price per share in 2011: $33.47
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 29.88
    • Current price per share: $54.23

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $1,620.26

    Coca-Cola is famously one of Warren Buffett’s favorite brands, and it continuously battles PepsiCo for beverage industry domination.

    Philip Morris (PM)

    • Price per share in 2011: $68.81
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 14.53
    • Current price per share: $97.06

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $1,410.48

    After spinning off Altria, Philip Morris focused on the international distribution and production of cigarettes and tobacco products. Currently, the company is working on expanding the e-cigarette market.

    AT&T (T)

    • Price per share in 2011: $28.41
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 35.20
    • Current price per share: $25.64

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $902.50

    AT&T has struggled over the past decade but looks to ride the wave of rising broadband connectivity needs and increased demand for streaming products through its WarnerMedia division, which owns HBO Max.

    General Electric (GE)

    • Price per share in 2011: $124.77
    • Shares owned with $1,000 in 2011: 8.01
    • Current price per share: $105.30

    Current worth of 2011-bought shares: $843.95

    General Electric fell on hard times over the past decade, with shares actually falling by about 15% due to underperforming divisions and an overwhelming debt load.

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