Apple Wins Big in Lawsuit – and Customers Are Getting Some Apple Subscriptions Free

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As the battle against big tech rages on, Apple won a victory in the North Dakota state Senate that would have put regulations on the payment processing software permitted in app stores, CNBC reports. The legislation, had it passed, would have allowed software developers to use their own payment processing software in both the Google and Apple app stores, sidestepping the hefty fees charged by the tech companies. It would have also prohibited Google and Apple from regulating the apps that appear in their stores.

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CNBC noted that the bill is the first major U.S. state legislation attempting to regulate the app stores, which take up to 30% of app store sales, including the apps themselves and in-app purchases.

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“The purpose of the bill is to level the playing field for app developers in North Dakota and protect customers from devastating, monopolistic fees imposed by big tech companies,” Sen. Kyle Davison (R-Fargo), said in a press conference last week when he introduced the bill, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

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According to The Verge, the bill would have prohibited any digital application distribution platform that exceeds $10 million in annual revenue — notably, only Google and Apple — from:

  • Requiring a developer to use its app store as the developer’s exclusive mode for distribution or payment processing
  • Retaliating against a developer for choosing an alternate app store or in-app payment system

Apple official Erik Neuenschwander testified that the bill “threatens to destroy iPhone as you know it,” CNBC reports.

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“Apple…says that the App Store is a core part of its product and that its tight control over the rules keeps iPhone users safe from malware and scams,” CNBC reports. Neuenschwander emphasized that Apple works hard “to keep bad apps out of the App Store,” and the legislation would force Apple to make those apps available to iPhone users.

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Phones running Google’s Android software, including Samsung mobile devices, can already choose alternative app stores and forms of payment.

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