Here’s Your First National Bank Routing Number

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - January 11, 2020: Sign and logo of First National Bank on the building Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
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First National Bank was founded in Greenville, Pennsylvania, back in 1864. More than 150 years later, First National ranks as Pennsylvania’s second-largest bank by assets and has expanded its operation into six states.

The bank offers customers a standard range of banking products, including checking and savings accounts. Keep reading to learn First National’s routing number for wire transfers.

First National Bank Routing Number

First National Bank only has one routing number. Here are the details:

First National Bank Routing Number

You’ll need to provide this number when executing a wire transfer to send or receive funds using your First National Bank account.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit security code assigned to a bank to help identify it during interactions with other banks. Only federal- or state-chartered financial institutions are issued a routing number, according to the American Bankers Association, which created routing numbers back in 1910.

Routing numbers are also known as ABA numbers or transit numbers.

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Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

Yes, they can. Although First National Bank only uses one routing number, larger banks such as Wells Fargo and Citibank use multiple routing numbers. These different routing numbers usually correspond to different states and often reflect a bank’s merger and acquisition history.

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How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

You can find your routing number at the bottom left corner of your checks. Checks also include your account number and the individual check number.

What Is the Routing Number for International Transfers?

International wire transfers use SWIFT codes, which function in much the same way as routing numbers. When setting up a wire to receive or transfer funds between a foreign bank, use the following SWIFT code for First National:

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First National Bank SWIFT Code

Like routing numbers, SWIFT codes hold different chunks of information. Digits five and six, for example, represent the country code, which is why American banks have ‘US’ in their SWIFT codes.

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