What Is Chase QuickPay and How Do You Transfer Money With It?

Transfer money to another person using the convenient Chase QuickPay app.

Chase QuickPay is a fast, easy, secure way to transfer money almost instantly, even if the recipient doesn’t have a Chase account. Chase QuickPay is a secure online service that lets you send and receive money electronically, right from your bank account. Money is transferred person-to-person through the Chase QuickPay mobile app to move funds from your Chase bank account to the recipient’s account.

Here’s how to set up and use Chase QuickPay so you can transfer money to friends and family.

How to Set Up Chase QuickPay

You must have a Chase checking account or Chase Liquid Card to use Chase QuickPay. If you don’t, you can sign up through clearXchange. You’ll need to download the Chase mobile banking app and sign up for Chase QuickPay. You’ll need your Social Security number, Chase account number and access to a phone number or email address that’s already registered with Chase.

To set up Chase QuickPay, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Chase mobile banking app.
  2. Select Chase QuickPay.
  3. On the next screen, click Activate QuickPay.
  4. Register your email so you can receive emails about the service, and check the box to accept the terms of service.
  5. Verify your email address

Once you’ve completed those steps, you’ll be able to start sending money via Chase QuickPay.

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How to Use Chase QuickPay

To send money, you log onto the Chase QuickPay app on your phone. Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the person you want to pay, and the amount of money you want to send. Verify the information, then hit the send button.

If your friend also has a Chase bank account, the transfer will usually happen in a matter of minutes. Chase QuickPay is part of the clearXchange network, so transfers to other banks in the network also go through quickly. The transactions can take up to one business day, but that’s rare. The other banks in the network are Bank of America, Capital One, FirstBank, Frost Bank, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.

If the person you want to send money to doesn’t have an account at any of these banks, he can sign up to access the funds through clearXchange at www.clearXchange.com. Transfers to banks that aren’t in the clearXchange network can take up to one to two days to process.


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How Does Chase QuickPay Work?

Chase QuickPay electronically transfers funds from your Chase account to the account of the recipient you select. You can use it to pay the babysitter, split the check in a restaurant, or even pay the rent instead of writing a check. The transaction is handled from bank to bank, so your information is secure. The person receiving the money doesn’t see your banking information, and you don’t see theirs.

You can send up to $2,000 per day in one or more transactions, and up to $16,000 in a calendar month from your Chase checking account or Liquid card. Of course, this is subject to the balance in your account. If you have a Chase Private Client or Private Banking Account, your limits are $5,000 per day and $40,000 per month. These limits are combined for all of your accounts.

The bank doesn’t charge you a fee to use Chase QuickPay or the clearXchange network and there’s no transaction charge, either. If you use your cell phone to send or receive text messages related to the service, messaging rates might be assessed by your cell phone provider.

If you have questions about Chase QuickPay or are having problems using the system, you can contact Chase QuickPay customer service on the Chase website or through the app.

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  • mike mahaffa

    biggest Piece of crap i ever tried to use ! there is nothing easy or conveient about this service much less the web -site leave it to chase to come up with another failed customer service failure…..

    • indic8r

      So if it’s a failed customer service failure…would that make it a success?

  • Craig

    QuickPay is terrible for someone who doesn’t have Chase. My friend sent money to my normal email address, but I set up the account with my “spam” address, and it took forever to sort that out. Then when I was finally able to “see” his payment, I had to transfer the money to my Bank of America account, but before that could happen they had to charge my account a couple times so I could verify what the insignificant charges were. It took forever. And now recently I tried to sign back into the account, but I don’t remember my password. When I called, they asked if I knew my access code… which of course I don’t remember, either. If you don’t know your password or access code, you cannot get back into the account. They can’t verify who you are any other way (address, social security, etc)… you’re basically just SOL and will never get back in.

  • Siaris

    I have chase quikpay for the last six months with no problems at all. Chase to chase works beautifully and is pretty much instant. I have had several instances where my account was overdrawn and to avoid fees my mom quikpayed me some money at like 10:30 at night and next day my account was fine. Chase to non chase does take a little longer but I have used three times now to pay wedding vendors who are local and I didn’t have cash to pay. Each instance went perfect. And they didn’t use a spam address….
    I say this review is too limited and only touches some extraordinary instances that guess what it’s a bank, it doesn’t matter where you go they are all the same. At least chase is up with the times.

  • Ben

    Sounds like Craig had more issues due to user error then Chase’s system (You can’t blame Chase for keeping your account secure, next time remember your access code)(USE A VALID EMAIL). I have used QuickPay regularly and it works AWESOME chase to chase. $500 chase to chase is instant and you can send up to $2000 which only take 1 business day. External non-chase accts do take 2 business days but if you wrote someone a $2000 dollar check it would still take time 1 business day to have access to all the funds and if you mailed that person a check it would still take 3-4 days for them to received that then addition business day to wait on the deposit. The service is FREE so enjoy it!!!

  • Mark

    The “letter” from Chase is obviously fake. A company like Chase doesn’t send out letters to customers with wording like “but we messed up” and “we think we have finally straightened things out”, “Clearly we are not off to a good start” AND put the CEOs name/signature on it.

    Your credibility for the entire article went to zero when you published such a blatant and obviously fake letter that my 4 year old could spot but you state is genuine. Either you aren’t too bright or are dishonest, neither of which are good in an author.

    • Hater

      I cannot believe what goes on in these god forsaken messaging boards. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Who gives a shit! Really. The general population should contemplate suicide. Take care.

    • Francine

      Wow. You sure come on strong with very little to go on. The letter was an attempt to seem human after screwing up in triplicate, and it succeeded. I think you’re the one with credibility problems. And by bringing your four-year-old into it, you show your maturity level. It is possible to have an issue with an article and not resort to silly attacks. I know your point was to impugn the intelligence of the writer, but it just made you look ridiculous.

      • Frank


        I just open this chase account so I can use it to pay my rent, Im trying to pay my rent and send money to my parent bcos they both use a chase account..can someone explain the steps to do this, Im new doing this thanks

  • Casey Bond

    Sorry Mark, that letter is authentic. After my roommate transferred a couple hundred dollars to me for rent, the transaction actually went through three times. He then received this letter in his email (which is how I took a screenshot of it) and then received a $25 transfer from Chase. I suppose the wording is meant to connect with the customer on a more personal level, but you should know I am fairly bright and wouldn’t lie to make a point in an article. I can understand why you’d want that to be the case, though; I almost do, too.

  • Justin

    I just learned a valuable lesson in using Chase QuickPay. The service offers no consumer protection like PayPal for disputes between buyer/seller. I purchased tickets through Travel Agent and we opted to use Chase QuickPay as means of payment. The Travel Agent received the money and we received our E-Tickets. It turned out that the E-Tickets were never paid by the Travel Agency to the Airline, resulting in a cancellation of our ticket. No information was relayed to us until we tried to get a seat number 1 day prior to the travel date. I tried contacting the Travel Agency and it turned out the Travel Agency shutdown their business frauding several customers. I called Chase to see if there was any protection against these cases and they said no. I have supporting documentation that fraud exists with the seller who is using Chase QuickPay as a means to receive funds.

    Beware of using Chase QuickPay thinking it is similar to PayPal, especially that Chase QuickPay is allowing anyone to setup an account. There is no consumer protection like PayPal.

    • Mark

      Consumer protection is clearly an important point, but don’t think you have protection with PayPal. I was ripped off twice using PayPal in a similar fashion to what you describe here. PayPal did nothing but stonewall me and eventually ignore me completely when I asked them to respond to my proof of the fraud and to have my goods returned. They did sic a collection agency on me to chase me for money and threaten to ruin my credit.

  • amp

    This pisses me off. Society is slowly turning our privacy to corporate’s hands. NOBODY absolutely NOBODY must know who and how we pay or receive money from. This whole online banking is terrible for any type of transactions. What if a ‘friend’ of mine wants to transfer $500,000 to me? Why the f*** do these banks have to see the amount, recipients or ANYTHING private for this transfer? They don’t have to give a s*** if were innocent civilians or top criminals. This is absolute bs. Convenience comes at a cost, big brother watching you all the time. Don’t be a criminal but think like a criminal because it is the only way we can claim our privacy and dignity. Swiss banks is where it’s at.

    • Rob Mitchell

      Sounds like you might want to look at Bitcoin, a money transfer system that’s out of the bank’s control.

      • Pooqa

        Don’t trust Chase, but don’t trust Bitcoin either. Whatever money you put into BitCoin can disappear without a trace. You lose all your money and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Trevor

    I have used quickpay multiple times and here is the real problem. God forbid you forget the userID. If you forget this ID they want a secure password that they never ask you for to use as a backup…. well since you now don’t know that password you are forced to call them. Upon calling them they ask for the email, ok great we are on track to getting help. They find your account and then ask for the userID… Wait? didn’t I just call because I don’t know my userID? They then tell you well what could if be? As to say well you must be an idiot and clearly haven’t tried all typical ID’s that you use. You then ask can I give you the account number, routing number, or my Social? Guess what they don’t care about any of those. So now your screwed and they say well we can delete all your information and you can start a new account with a different email. How about this Chase. People forget things, but one thing they can find is a social, a account number, or routing number. So if you could please remove your heads out of your posterior and realize that giving out an ID and not the password or vice versus is not the end of the world it takes 2 to tango and it also takes 2 to get into an account. Chase Quick Pay you are an absolute pile of crap!

    • Cole Stanchfield

      I’d lost both my log-in credentials and set up new ones no problem over the phone. It was quite simple in fact. I don’t know why you had trouble with their instructions but it was quite easy for me. But then again, I know the difference between Chase’s Quick Pay service and account authentication…

  • Jason Rose

    @Mark – You can tell the email is not a fake, and very much so looks like a “personable” letter in a can.

    The name of “QuickPay” at first is misleading, until you realize that it does exactly what it says. “QuickPay” not “QuickReceive” 🙂

  • Adam Haining

    I use it to get paid by clients, and I love it. I’m not even a Chase customer. But it’s really convenient and I never have had any issues. I don’t ever need to have the money “right now” so the immediate aspect of being paid is no problem. So far I’ve loved the service.

    • Steven T

      I’m thinking of using the service for the same reason. A way to get paid by clients. I would never need the money from them ‘immediately’, but im wondering what the user experience for my clients would be. Do your clients seem to contact you more often than not because they don’t know how to use it? I would really like to use quickpay to get money from clients since paypal and every one else charges a fee.

      • M Schwartz

        The only problem with it as far as clients go is that they have to be willing to set up an account. The funds are withdrawn from their bank account, so they have to go through the whole verification process (check for small deposit and authenticate online) in order to use the system.

    • francine

      I thought that one of the parties involved has to be a Chase customer?

  • DavidCC

    The Chase Quickpay system is very frustrating for users who forget their
    password and or username (especially if you are not a chase bank

    Their account recovery for passwords and user ID’s is so unnecessarily
    poor in User Experience Design ( knowing this as I’m User Experience
    & Visual Design professional ) and I immediately was aware of the
    frustration when I could not remember my exact username and password.

    In my case I couldn’t remember both username and password so I could
    either try and guess the right username to the Custer Service Rep, or my
    account could be Deleted and start over!!! Yes, literally play a
    guessing game while on the phone with an agent that was looking at my
    exact username. ( I even came within a partial match and they still
    would not tell me the username)

    I didn’t hesitate to let them know that process was already a Security
    RISK! If I wanted to pretend to be someone else and some how knew the
    account holders email address I could potentially just DELETE HIS OR HER
    ACCOUNT without their knowledge, without having them even verify my
    identity. They do not even check for addresses, Social Security Numbers,
    linked Bank Account information, or anything else. They will gladly let
    you try and guess a username (without verifying identity) but won’t let
    you have access unless you guess correctly. But they will gladly let
    you ERASE the account if you can’t guess it, no problem at all!!! Very

    Very displeased by the service. Do yourself a favor and continue to use
    something like paypal. Much more secure, hassle free password recovery,
    and much faster in transferring funds.

  • Ann

    I bank with Chase and use quick pay to receive rent from a tenant. I’ve had no problems getting the funds but not sure it is any quicker than having the tenant mail the check. It is definitely easier for the tenant who doesn’t have to mail a check. As the recipient I don’t have to make a trip to the bank. As long as I don’t need the money right away it works great.

  • disqus_8TBZXnMD9D


  • BorjeMelin

    In February 2012 as a non Chase bank customer I signed up for Chase QuickPay to receive a transfer of $100 from a Chase account using same bank information for my B of A account that previously yielded same day transfers. When the transfer failed to come I contacted my bank and the sender their bank. Each bank blamed the other for the problem. I spent a total of over thirty hours on the phone including a 2 plus hour marathon conference call with the sender, her branch representative and a series of senior representatives from each bank where once again I was promised the matter would be resolved within a week only to be met with resounding silence and then the blaming again of the other bank. Today Chase emailed me that they have upgraded their QuickPay system. Do you think this upgrade could include accountability for missing funds now?

    • Justin Diogenes King

      I’m noticing a lot of people are failing to click “accept money” and think it’s just automatic. It’s not you have to click the accept button at the bottom of the email notification.

  • Justin M

    my name is justin miranda i started using quick pay because my boss said it would be easier to receive my check. obviously this is not correct i added a account and its been over a week and its still pending activation. None of there representatives are any help nor do they know what the hell they are doing!! i also spoke with their supervisor’s who also have their head up their ass’s and said they need to contact the sender of the money in order to start processing my bank account into their system…. why?? they have no part in setting up a receivable account for my money they only send it! Chase is so full of shit and gave me the full run around. I do not urge anyone to use chase quick pay in the future nor do i recommend anyone to get help from there costumer service!

  • Bill

    It’s amusing that products often are named the opposite of how they are. With a $500 per day limit we can add ‘comprehensive’, and with what other folks here are saying, we can also add; ‘friendly’. With a name like Chase, it’s not surprising that they are working to catch up with other more robust p2p payment systems.

  • KurtsCash

    I hate this service and anyone who tries to pay me with it I let them know don’t bother. It takes 2-5 days to get your money and that is IF you notice you have to click “ACCEPT MONEY” or something stupid. First couple times I saw confirmation email and thought great the $ are on the way, days later their Customer Service says they can see it, but that I never Accepted it….SO IDIOTIC…

    • Justin Diogenes King

      ROFLMAO!!! Wow clicking accept is idiotic? What if there is an error on the senders end? If there is no accept button that error would lead to an unnecessary dilemma! That’s like choosing to delete a file and Windows asking “are you sure?” if it didn’t ask that the file would just be deleted even if it was a mistake. Use your brain man lol!

  • Upset Customer Under the Rug

    Strongly feel Qwick Pay does not care for their customers!

    I bought a Qwick Pay credit card service back in October for over $100. I
    have been paying $20 a month for this unused service. I tried
    calling them to set up the app on my phone. The woman had me delete the
    app and reinstall it. Then I had to set my phone to factory setting
    resulting in loss of pics video phone numbers etc. Then I asked
    the woman if I could have someone ELSE call me because of my hearing
    impairment and her accent made it really hard to understand. Instead
    the same woman kept calling. So then I have a woman I work with
    call, she cant get the service to work. Then I have my bf call and ask
    them to call him since I have a HEARING IMPAIRMENT. No call.

    So then I start writing emails. No response. Oh wait yeah I got a
    phone message that literally was half a message. So I call
    Qwick Pay tech support. It gets to the point where that woman tells me
    to call my rep. I tell her I want to
    speak to a manager. I actually demand it. I tell her my story and
    apologize to her bc I know its not her fault, but I did want her to
    understand how frustrating this whole situation was. So I’m
    told to call the Phoenix group. Well what the heck is that? Never
    heard of it! This woman is getting snappy, of course I must of heard of
    it because that’s where my Qwick Pay came from. No lady, sorry I have
    NEVER heard of it! So I call this Phoenix group. Ask to speak with a
    specific man. Never got to talk to him. I explain my whole situation
    again and am told that this group CAN NOT cancel my account because I
    need to talk to another company!
    So I call whatever company I’m
    told to and ohhh guess what?! They are closed! I got a name and number
    and I’ll tell you what, this Kristin chick better be at work tomorrow
    because I am way past upset now. I have been paying for months for a
    service I can not use.
    I have made more then several attempts to
    fix this problem. I had to reset my phone to factory settings which I
    am pretty sure had nothing to do with the app installation bc it still
    didn’t work. I keep getting the run around. Its funny they sure were
    speedy to set up my account, but closing it? I have talked to 4
    different people in the last hour and not one of the three companies can
    cancel! Really? Who else has my bank account number because I was
    under the impression only Qwick Pay did?!

    I would have LOVED
    to use this service but after all this BS, I am done with this
    company and I strongly suggest people DO NOT USE QWICK PAY!!!!

    • Justin Diogenes King

      Chase Quickpay isn’t the same as Qwick Pay lol! #ReadingComprehensionFail

    • Justin Diogenes King

      Chase Quickpay is free and comes from your checking account not a card.

  • shannon

    I had an issue and dont know how to exactly fix it. I set up the chase quick pay (I dont have a chase account) so I put my wells fargo account, but I missed a number how do I delete it and put the right account number?

  • Stephen Dempsey

    I use Quick Pay for all of my rent collection and distribution to landlords. It is simple after setting up and funds arrive in an acceptable amount of time. The majority of the negative comments appear to be due to user error or computer illiteracy.

    • Justine Kingmaker

      After reading several of the negative comments, I’d surmise your assumption to be wholly false and insulting.

    • LC

      I agree. All of this jazz about forgetting usernames and passwords isn’t the fault of the system. It’s the responsibility of the customer. WE all do it but that’s not a flaw in the quickpay system itself. There’s an app called Keeper that will store all of your usernames, passwords, account login info, etc. Problem solved.

  • riseofnations

    Quakpay took out four times more than I authorized and kept on doing it after16 days of calls, up to 2.8 k. Yep. I received no apology letter but a call today starting with twive saying, we are recording you.

  • riseofnations

    And noI did not set it up wrong, and did three calls to review it.

  • Justin Diogenes King

    I’ve been a Chase customer for two years and I haven’t had any issues with quickpay with Chase customers and Non-Chase customers. When I send/receive cash and it usually takes 30 minutes or so and it’s available to me right away (granted the most I’ve QP’ed was $500) Chase has been great on the customer service end of things as well especially when it’s an error on their end!

  • The article stated that “In order to sign up, all you need is a valid e-mail address and U.S. checking or savings account.” What was not clarified was that if you are a Chase customer using the service to send money, you can only send from your checking account, not your savings.

  • Brittany

    I have used This a number of times. Every single time I use it I have to call them to reset my password. I wrote it down had my husband write it down, and it doesn’t matter. This is a useless waste of time and if it was up to me I would never use this farce of a convenience again. Don’t bother with Chase QuickPay. It is horrible.

  • I hate Quick Pay

    I’m on day 7 an still waiting for QuickPay to hit my account.. It’s a joke will never use it again

  • im still waiting for my one-time transaction from chase so i can recieve my money
    it’s been almost two days
    is this normal?
    im not a chase card holder

  • ssfgirlie

    I did a Quickpay on Saturday ,needing money that day. It will be Friday before the money is available in my account. The money was withdrawn from my moms account on Saturday. The money must travel the matrix Chase has told me. Only after stating yesterday it was already received by Chase. IT”S NOT QUICK. and they do not tell you the delay until after it is done. And to cancel it the sender has to make additional effort, it can not be canceled by the receiver. THe post office is much faster. I think the name and promotion of service are unfair and misleading.

  • ineed$

    I just tried to have someone send me $ through QP thinking it would be faster and no fees versus PayPal but I can’t event get QP to send the verification amount to my bank account (I’m not a Chase customer). I know PayPal deposits a small amount right away into your account for verification but I haven’t received anything from QP. I like the concept and will probably use it if I ever get that verification deposit! Agh!

  • Both Sides

    After our house got broken into, to avoid fraud, we closed our QuickPay account and set up a new account. Our banking information could not be entered for the new account because, as I was told, the account information was still attached to another (the old) QuickPay account. I was told by the CSR from Chase to enter our bank account number and use two zeros before the account number. My bank refused the next payment, as the account numbers did not match. I was told by Chase that it was my fault for putting the zeros before the account number and that the payment was not going to go back to the sender for three to five business days. Then he could resend the payment. If the payment is sent as soon as the sender gets it funds back it will be 10 to 14 business days between the time that I originally accepted the payment and the time that I might actually receive the funds. That amounts to 2 or 3 weeks. QuickPay? Please… It’s more like slow doe.

  • So far, my experience has not been good with QuickPay. My startup has a complex setup at the moment (long-story short we’re spread out between two continents), and so wire transfers are usually how we pay invoices. We wanted to try out QuickPay b/c we thought it would be easier for our vendors. Alas, it’s not. So back to wire transfers…

  • SJ

    I used Chase quick pay today. All I can say is STAY AWAY. I received money via Chase quick pay and set up my account. I used to bank with chase bank before and had once wire transferred money to someone at HSBC. Today when I set up the quick pay, it assumed the HSBC account is mine and made it my default account and transferred the money in that account. It did not ask or confirm if I wanted to use the HSBC account to transfer the money. When I spoke to Chase they said they can’t do anything about it and that I will have to follow up with the person who has the HSBC account to retrieve my money. I am shocked that Chase won’t even confirm if I wanted to use that bank account or if the account is still active.
    Now, I have to trace this person, tell him that the money was sent in his account and wait till he sends the money back…

  • Patrick Freeman

    went through all the hassle of registering as a non-chase user and doing all the verifying crap so I could get money to my daughters chase account “quick” while she’s at college, since doing it from BOA took 3-4 days. even gave them my BOA password! surprise! still takes 3-4 days. so lame

  • B

    My landlord asked me to get a quickpay account to pay him. I signed up. 8 hours later I get an email to check my messages regarding a detail about my checking account, I figure they verified it or something. I go to log in and it says this account has been suspended for activity on it… tells me to call so I do…

    I get not one but TWO reps who tell me, “Chase reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and not tell you why, and that’s what happened. Chase does not want to do business with you. Period. No one can tell you why, we don’t know who you are.

    I give up. Never would bank with Chase and from what I’m reading here, I would rather pay my landlord as usual, not this ridiculous system.

  • RealLemonPlease

    I hate that there’s no way to send some a reminder that they owe you a payment.

    • I suspect that needs to come directly from you and not via Chase. Certainly a call should suffice.

  • Patricia Mazzeo

    Sorry, my checking account got hacked by someone who signed up for quick pay and then proceeded to drain my checking account. I myself never signed up for the service. Thank God I check my account often but the damage was done and now I’m awaiting an investigation and hopefully the return of my money. In this day and age, easy money transfers can lead to disasterous results. I just learned this the hard way and I’m going back to the old fashion way of writing checks and paying cash. While some of you may love this service, I for one am not a fan.

  • Winnie

    So easy to use… not “quick” though. My cousin was slapped with an overdraft fee, but that’s what I get for not reading the Terms of Service. People just find it easier to blame a company than themselves.

  • carolyn mordecai

    My brother intends to send me money every money from his Chase account to my Bank of America account. It takes me days to get it, and if I call, they say they can see no record of our transactions. It is always a true worry.

  • Hannah Aron

    Chase Quickpay is even slower than this great article reports. In fact, it is Chase policy to hold payment from a non-chase account 4 full days, not counting holidays and weekends. And if you miss the email to click” accept payment,” the check hold count starts from when you click accept. They just kept me on hold for 11 minutes while trying to figure out the delay, then laboriously explained the four-day wait policy which adds up to 13 days since my friend sent the check. This is ridiculous and false advertising.

  • Scott Pruitt

    I recently finished some Debt Consulting and Business Model on Loan Processing Work Flow for a fairly new lender established in 2006. They’re an international company called DEBT Act Limited Solutions, (Parent Comany Name Echo Northern Ireland Limited). So I being a Chase Account holder simply asked for my consulting fee to be Quick Pay deposited from this company who doesn’t obviously have a Chase account. Well they sent me half of my fee thru the Quick Pay account and all was fine & the entire amount was made available to me within an hour. Let me mention that this first xfer was for $4800.00 and there was still another $4200.00 that they owed me upon completion of my final report which was hefty to say the least. Well when I received my first half ($4800.00) I had gone down withdrew it and walked into the lenders office that my Mom had her car loan with and paid it off for her $4704.00. Well a couple of days later I finished my final report and was expecting the remaining amount and indeed it did come over to my Quick Pay account, I accepted it & was waiting for it to process when all of a sudden I get a notification on my phone saying that my account has been SUSPENDED not just my Quick Pay but my entire CHASE BANK account. I called the number that it said to call and went thru the normal verifcation process except for one oddity. Instead of verifying my physical address, telephone number, etc. they proceeded to ask me security questions w/multiple choice answers that only the real person could answer. Anyhow did that part and then the representative said that I need to have are you ready…”The person or persons aka SENDER that is the account holder of who xfered the funds, to contact CHASE BANK for whatever reason they need to speak with this person or them. This is the only way my account would be then UNLOCKED or no longer SUSPENDED. Remember I’m talking about not just the Quick Pay but my entire Checking/Saving account. What the hell is going on here, obviously all was fine and confirmed from the SENDER a couple of days ago and even had my funds available for me in an hour so therefore an established and verifed SENDER had already been completed. I contacted both people over at Debt Act Limited Solutions and told them the nightmare. They unfortunately don’t know who the hell the SENDER is or even what account I would’ve been paid from since they have over 15 different financial institutions and subsidaries to go thru spread all across the globe. So now I wait for God knows what to be handled so I can have my account back to ACTIVE status. As for the phone call they need to make, again they dont even know who would be that person or entity that would need to initiate this phone call and since I never had the chance to look at the actual SENDER’s account information, if I had then I could easily tell the SENDER and that should be a big help. However CHASE wont tell me this information but what they did tell me is that they had cancelled receipt of my $4200.00 and couldn’t tell me what account it was sent back to. You see all CHASE has to do is tell me, since CHASE knows who and the account# was, so that I can then tell the 2 contacts I have at Debt Act this detail alowing for a quick resolution. All I know is that if…”WE THE PEOPLE OF NOT JUST THIS COUNTRY BUT OF THE WORLD DON’T STAND UP TO THESE FUCKS WE’LL ALL END UP NO DIFFERENT THAN THE JEWS IN THE HOLOCAUST!!!”.

  • Unlike many of the people here, I LOVE QuickPay from Chase (even if I don’t really like Chase in general.)

    I run a small consulting company that uses freelancers and my business checking account is with Chase because they bought WaMu, and are the only bank with branches that stay open until 6pm vs. 4pm around here.

    I can’t remember when I started using QuickPay but it was probably over year ago. People have complained that it’s not “Quick” because they don’t get their money immediately. I can appreciate that if you are in situations where you urgently need money, but for me “quick” means how quickly I am able to send money and/or accept money; to me I can easily wait several days for the money to appear in my account but being able to send or receive money in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES worth of time devoted to the process is HUGELY WONDERFUL. That allows me to spend less time managing money and more time doing things that are either more valuable for my business or more enjoyable for me personally.

    I’ve send money to several people on a monthly basis using QuickPay and I also send a draw from my business to my personally about once a month, and I’ve never once had a problem sending or receiving. Of course I’ve never mistakenly sent money to the wrong person and I’ve never forgotten to click the email saying “Accept Money” so maybe that’s why I’m still really happy about it.

    Frankly I wish all other banks would offer such an easy service and then maybe PayPal wouldn’t make so much money off people transferring money to people they know and trust.

  • kjmalone

    quick question: if you set the funds up to be sent from a credit card is it considered a purchase or a cash advance for the credit card owner?

  • Dave

    I just had a transaction fail in Quick Pay even though my available balance is well in excess of the payment I tried to make. Is anyone else recently experiencing problems with the service? I’ve contacted customer service to find out if the service is broken. It’s very scary because I use QuickPay to pay my rent (my landlord insists upon it).

  • matt

    Utter junk – tried to sign up in order to pay rent to my landlord, since transfers are not allowed at Chase. After signing up for quick pay, it required my landlord to also create a chase username, password, security code, enlist his email and phone number (which Chase will not use for junk mail and unsolicited communications). After making it this far, it asked him to confirm the senders (my) email, which kept coming up with an error message. Utter garbage – we gave up, and will be going back to manual deposits. In the meantime, I will be closing my account with Chase.

    • One error message on the web doesn’t make a service utter junk. I’ve had error messages on websites from Amazon, from Google, from Microsoft, from Facebook and more. From time to time it happens. Get over it. I’m not a fan of Chase Bank in general, but the QuickPay service is awesome.

      P.S. I just yesterday had my accountant’s wife afraid to go through the account authorization process — I was trying to say them credit card fees — but just as one web error message doesn’t make a web service utter junk nor does one person’s irrational fear; it’s their loss.

  • Banker #77

    Chase quick pay is horrible very odd interface and difficult to navigate. SUCKS!

  • Ben

    QP always works great for me, money is in my account 30 seconds after clicking receive. If the process is too difficult odds are you are slow.

  • Patrick Rogge

    Quick Pay for a recipient of funds remains as close to fraud as a branded service can come. Requiring access to your bank account, full social, receiving bank usernamen and password. Bells went off. I contacted Wells Fargo my personal and business bank finding the required detail a bizaar request PII and invasion. Wells agreed and strongly suggested I change my usernamen and password. I immediately called Chase to reverify I had been taken. During the night the “2 meager transfers arrived” entered and then with an agent on the phone was told it “could be 2-4 business days” before receiving a payment that was initiated over 48 hours prior. I have not received the payment. Best case scenario for receipt 96 hours worst case 6 days or 144 hours. Don’t use this service it is source of revenue of Chase and pain in the backside for recipients.

  • Crawford_Tampa

    Let me add my 2 cents with my Chase “QuickPay” experience …
    I am a chase customer, with personal checking, savings & a business account.
    Generally I like the Chase features, such as bill pay, etc., but I wanted to set-up a recurring payment to be deposited into my daughters checking account each month which by the way, is with Chase too (even the same branch.)

    Well, I don’t mind the feature of her having to accept the payment, but give me a break because Chase demands she has to accept the exact same payment each and every month!!! That’s just ridiculous for a recurring payment that a recipient has already accepted with the first chase notice. I mean with automatic deposits for example, can you imagine every month having to accept over and over again every week or month a deposit from your employer or annuity payment or from wherever else you have incoming auto deposits.

    I thought quickpay would provide me peace of mind and convenience, much like bill pay does, knowing no matter what I’m doing or wherever I may be, my payments are taken care of, but with a quickpay recurring payment, there is no peace of mind wondering if my daughter will receive her payment for sure or not or even recieve the chase notice to login to accept the payment. Maybe it will go well for the first 11 months of a year and then the one time my daughter loses her smart phone, quickpay becomes much more of a hassle than a convenience for everyone involved and for any variety of other reasons a recurring payment might unintentionally be accepted one month or every other month, etc.

    So, I say, C’mon Chase … You can do better than this!!! Particularly for recurring payments in the same amount to the same recipient from and to the same accounts over and over again, once a recipient accepts those arrangements initially, they shouldn’t have to accept over and over again each month and I would sleep better knowing quickpay is not no-pay!!!

    • RW

      I’m not sure why you just don’t setup a recurring funds transfer from one account to the other? Quickpay would not be the right tool for recurring payment. The accept button makes sense from the stand point of you may type the wrong e-mail or mobile number in when sending money.

      • Tampa_Sailor

        You seem to be missing the point, because once the recipient accepts the first payment, the email address has been verified!!! But with Chase, it’s a pain in the butt every month for the exact same transaction between two chase accounts. This is a case of some Chase wanna-be rising stars, trying to re-invent the wheel … please keep things simple Chase!

        • RW

          I was going to qualify my statement with the email being verified the first time as I just had a knucklehead tenant send me money to the wrong e-mail, cancel the transaction, add the correct e-mail and resend, it then they locked the transaction down with a fraud alert in which my tenant had to call and release the funds, ugh. There are certainly issues with this system, I think we are on the same page with that. My point was why use this service? I just put 3 kids through college and I monitored their accounts (as should they) and when they needed money I transfered it. If it is the same amount on the same day then setup an account to account auto transfer.

          • Tampa_Sailor

            Maybe Chase employees are giving me bad information, because an auto account to account transfer is all I wanted, but maybe you have a business account, because Chase told me I couldn’t do account to account transfers … I used that account to account feature with Bank of America often (not auto, but randomly often) and it was a great service until I moved to Chase (I had control and when I transferred the funds, it was instant on both ends.) Chase does things their own way I guess. I still have one checking account with Suntrust too which I haven’t bothered to close because I still have an auto Fed Govt deposit there each month. The Funny thing is, my wife has her own Fed Govt check deposited with Chase each month, but with Sun Trust, I always have my funds deposited and available a day before she does with Chase! I like Chase, but get the feeling Chase isn’t exactly customer oriented in many regards.

          • RW

            I set my daughters accounts up as HS or college accounts with me as the Custodian. When I login I see all their accounts, there’s a transfer money link on one of the tabs which I use and it ask do I want this to be recurring. Now if are not on your daughters account then you clearly can’t transfer to her account, however you could set her up as a vendor and pay her through bill pay and that has a recurring option as well.

          • Tampa_Sailor

            Ok, don’t you think that is too many Chase “can-not’s”? There should be no need for any special accounts (custodian, business or whatever else.)

            Simple, simple simple is all that is required. Setting aside any recurring transfers (another problem with Chase), I never had similar problems with Bank of America when transferring funds to anyone.

            Once I, and any other Bank of America customer (out of state relatives for example) set-up permission (easy online process) to transfer funds, I could then just login to my account whenever I wanted to and transfer funds directly and INSTANTLY to their account. That was a very nice and conenient Bank of America feature I am now missing with Chase! Sure, it can be done with Chase by pony express, but we are living in the 21st century and Chase needs to catch-up.

          • RW

            Not sure what your issue is with Quickpay. My tenant is a Chase Customer and the last time she sent me money it was in my account within an hour after hitting accept. I get an email notice. Assuming your daughter has a smart phone what is so hard about her looking at her e-mail, clicking a link, pressing an accept button and the money is there within an hour. It makes sense to me to have the other person validate the transaction, what if you screw-up and send too much or too little money? What if you press the send button (without a notification as you want it) and it doesn’t go through? Now what? If she’s smart she’ll still check her account before going to the ATM so you kill two birds with one stone by requiring a login to accept.

          • Tampa_Sailor

            What a lame excuse you offer … C’mon, every time I hit submit to pay any bill, I don’t have to wait for a confirmation … Two birds with one stone you say ?- lol
            Well, How about Chase just stop trying to re-invent the wheel …
            Obviously, there are just too many idiots working for Chase.

  • Tiffany Howell

    I registered quickpay and my account was suspended because senders had an invalid account. I was able to accept both funds. Upon verification the senders have an invalid accounts but both were accepted. My chase quickpay account was closed.

  • ticked off

    I just set up an account with them Friday and when I log in all I get is a blank screen Wth I have spoken with several reps no one seems to know what’s going on I am so annoyed right now I’m just trying to collect my paycheck dang I should of told them to mail it to me it would have been quicker lol

  • upset customer

    Customer service sucks, I have never enrolled before, but somehow when I went to set up an account, their computer went bonkers, yes I did know my security code and password, but I am now in limbo…it won’t let me open a new account as the email the money was sent to has to match, yet it says I don’t have an account somewhere else. Customer service wanted me to install Firefox (which makes my computer crash) it must be a problem with google or internet explorer….what the F? meanwhile I’ve been paid but they just said have them send payment again to a different email…..

  • BarryAldridge

    Another problem with QuickPay – if the recipient is not a Chase customer – is that in order to receive money, the recipient has to set up an account at Chase and it’s a very complicated, and not well-explained process at all. It’s certainly not as effortless as Chase says in its ads. When friends want to send me money, I find it far more convenient and easier just to have them send me a check.

  • Jhoanna

    Hi is it possible to do a chase quick pay using savings account instead of checking account?

    • Arakunrin Abbey Gbemisola

      Hi Jhoanna.

  • Sunbeamanda

    Chase “QuickPay” certainly isn’t quick and doesn’t pay for 3 business days. I have been on the phone for almost an hour trying to set up my account. (Even though I have a Chase account, I do not have a Chase banking account so I had to sign up as a non-Chase user and could not use the Id I would normally use until I had Chase customer service delete my existing ID so I could use it. Oh and if I want to use it to check my account later, I will have to cancel the “QuickPay” ID and set it up again.) Then the bank account verification asked for my banking userid, password and PIN. I DONT THINK SO, CHASE. So the alternate verification will take 3 business days to process before my funds are released. No wonder I just gave up the last time someone tried to send money using this system. I will say that the phone reps were very nice. Too bad the product does not word as named. Thanks for sucking an hour of my life on this terrible user experience, Chase. No wonder I don’t use your bank.

  • Jenifer

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  • Tangair

    We just finished transferring 300.00 between business partners for a petty cash purchase of small business/office items. Now it seems that we’ll have to wait several days. He’s with Wells Fargo and I’m with Chase. Sooo…we’ll now have to wait a few days – perhaps into next week. Now I know….

  • Tangair

    After three days, Chase has managed to float a measly 300.00. This is nothing short of poor. The funds were in Chase’s hands in seconds from Wells Fargo. Now, they get to play for a few days – this is the same reason I slowed using PayPal. I can see this on somewhat larger amounts, but a 300.00 petty cash transfer?

  • John Steadying

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  • Stacy Paul

    I lost my chase visa in dublin. And not only did you tell me that you couldn’t help me, even though you had $10,000 of my money in your bank. You also cancelled my card even though I asked you not to. And when you cancelled my card, all my links that were to pay for train tickets and accomidations were cancelled leaving me without a way home or anywhere to stay in Europe for over two weeks. It has been a dream of mine to go on this trip….a dream of 20 years. And now that I am here; I can’t go anywere, do anything, or even feed myself. I have spent a surplus of over $600 in cab fares, burner phones trying to get my card uncancelled(one time yor security question was what was my routing and account number..really? Everyone memorises that!), fees for several friends to send me what they could to survive for the second week. It also includes having to transfer currency back and forth, because when I went to chase to order foreign bills they told me that ALL of the UK uses Euro…UNTRUE!!! You have made my dream vacation HELL!! I am a single women with cancer…and I will might NEVER be able to go to Europe again. You are a horrible bank! And you DO NOT care about your customers!! Shame on you! How would you feel if someone who was supposed to be helping you left you stranded in another country alone?!

  • Cicely Haggard

    Chase QuickPay used to work really well. Unfortunately, customer service will not help fix any issues for non-Chase customers. I have had multiple tenants in the last year try to send rent through QuickPay and I get an error when I try to accept it. When I call customer service they cannot and will not even attempt to help since I am not a Chase banking customer. When the tenant who is a Chase customer calls in they tell them the issue is my fault. I had hoped it would get resolved since having to tell my tenants six months ago to write checks instead. I just received another QuickPay from a friend and it still does not work. I called in again with hopes it would be a better experience. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone else who could help I was told that no one could help me because I am not a Chase customer. It’s clear to me that I will not be banking with Chase after the lack of service they offer. Not exactly the best way to earn new customers.