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A checking account is one of the most essential bank accounts for managing your finances and depositing your paychecks. It's the banking product people use most for daily transactions, including checks and debit cards. The best checking accounts reward account holders with value-added options and free, no-fee access to their finances.

Many checking accounts offer a great deal of flexibility and freedom. Several credit unions and banks charge low or no fees, often with no or low minimum balance requirements. One of the biggest benefits of choosing the right checking account is when the account comes with a built-in, high-yield checking APR that pays dividends simply for having money in the bank.

Financial institutions offer a variety of checking options for everyone, including businesses, families, and individuals, and they offer plenty of savings incentives to boot.

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How to Find the Best Checking Account

If you have regular, revolving expenses, think of how many purchases you put on your debit card — or how many monthly bills you write checks for.

It may sometimes be easy to overlook that like a traditional savings package, checking can also earn good interest rates, too — an account that builds finances simply for going about your day-to-day spending. Plus, when choosing an account that comes packed with other incentives, like rewards points, cash back, and remote access, you can take checking to the next level as the most important piece of your financial life.

It may seem daunting to figure which checking account is best for you, but the good news is that by “checking” our checking page, we’ve compiled a series of featured Deal of the Day articles and other features that can be useful in helping you narrow down the checking account that’s a perfect match for suiting your financial needs best. Check our review of the best checking accounts of 2015.

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