Six Surprising Things You Can Spend Your Bitcoin On

Bitcoin burning a hole in your pocket? Here's what you can buy.

One of the biggest stories of 2017 was the dramatic rise — and nearly as dramatic fall — of bitcoin, the digital currency getting traded by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and tech savants. Most of America watched in confusion as bitcoins went from being worth less than $1,000, to just under $20,000, to just over $10,000, all within the span of a year. For plenty of people, this sort of churn was baffling. 

It’s not as though your local grocery store accepts bitcoins for payment, so why are so many people suddenly willing to invest in this expensive cryptocurrency?

Since bitcoin was ostensibly created for the purposes of commerce, it’s currently more of an investable asset than a currency — and a volatile one at that. But that doesn’t mean some people aren’t willing to accept bitcoins as payment. For some enterprising business owners and vendors, taking part in the digital revolution is well worth it, and they’ve taken the leap into the future by giving customers the option to pay with the digital currency. In fact, you might find that the range of different things you can pay for with bitcoin has some entries that you would not expect. Take a look at this video from GOBankingRates to see some of the more surprising things you can buy using bitcoin.

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