10 Things You Should Be Buying at Five Below

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Five Below is a wonderland both for kids and adults. From makeup to toys and pet supplies to home decor, customers can find almost anything they want or need at this affordable shopping outlet. 

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The name of this store comes from the idea that most things in the shop cost five dollars or below, but they have also recently added a Five Beyond section. In this section, items cost more than five dollars, but Five Below boasts that the prices are still far below its competitors. Let’s check out some of the best deals at Five Below to save cash and bring a little more joy to the home this season. 

1. Seasonal Decor 

Christmas is coming up, so Five Below is full of Christmas items. From holiday-themed throw pillows to snuggly blankets, Five Below has plenty of festive items that help customers bring joy to their homes. They even have holiday-themed pet clothing. Customers can purchase ornaments, tinsel, wreaths, artificial greenery, headbands, candies and gift sets. While Christmas decorations and cheer are the focus this time of year, Five Below goes all-out for each major holiday so its customers can also. Don’t forget the gift wrap or the tiny toys for stocking stuffers.

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2. Blankets and Throw Pillows

It’s hard to see a post on social media of your friends or family members cuddled up in fleece blankets with adorable designs on them and not want the same. At Five Below, these cuddly couch potato blankets everyone wants are available from five to six dollars, and they have plenty of cute designs. Some examples of designs include gaming controllers, food, unicorns, rainbows and cats with sunglasses, among many others. The blankets also come in classic prints and weaves that go with any decor scheme. There are also $5 pillows to brighten up the living room, dorm room and even a porch space.

3. Toys

Five Below is the perfect place to find affordable toys for any age, from toddlers to adults. They also have so many board game options all for $5. 

When it comes to toddlers, Five Below has loads of adorable stuffed animals as well as Disney merchandise. Five Below also has sensory and fidget toys for all ages, pool floaties, action figures and collectibles. Most options are available from just $5, but there are a few more affordable selections for little ones who need larger toys with fewer working parts.

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4. Squishmallows

Under the umbrella of toys, it’s definitely worth mentioning Five Below’s line of round, adorable stuffed toys called “Squishmallows.” These toys are from Kelly Toys, and Five Below is a proud seller of these tiny-faced, smiling animals.

These plushies are 7.5 inches tall, so they’re not as large as their full-sized, more expensive cousins, but they still leave a lot to hug. They come in holiday designs — wearing Santa hats, with candy canes — and there are many animals to choose from: yeti, axolotl, retriever mix, penguins and more. These squishy plush friends are available for less than $6 at Five Below outlets.

5. Phone Accessories

Five Below has everything one could need for a smartphone, including a 10-foot lightning charger for Apple devices and many different charger lengths and colors for USB-C phones. There are also multi-USB outlet plugs, power banks and wireless chargers ranging from $5 to $10. Five Below carries a wide variety of phone cases, charms and other accessories for both Apple and Android devices.

6. Sporting and Exercise Equipment

Five Below is an excellent place to search for sports equipment and exercise supplies if someone wants to try a new activity but doesn’t want to spend much money. For example, Five Below has yoga mats, fitness balls, soccer balls, an aerobic step platform, jump ropes, resistance bands, basketballs, massage rollers and water bottles, all for $5 each. They even sell roller skates for only $25. Trying out a new sports activity has never been more affordable when shoppers get their equipment from Five Below. 

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7. Skin Care and Beauty Tools

Although Five Below has quite a selection of makeup products, they have an even broader and more mind-blowing selection of skin care and wellness products. Five Below has facial scrubbers, all types of masks, eyebrow razors, pimple-popping kits, foot scrubbers, foot soaks and even hemp skin care products. 

They even have painless hair removers and serums, makeup remover wipes and makeup setting sprays for $5 or less. This wide selection might make Five Below a go-to destination for shoppers looking for stocking stuffers for anyone who loves to care for their skin’s health.

8. School and Office Supplies

From desk organizers, pushpins, dry-erase boards, permanent markers, an array of pens, food-shaped erasers and calculators, any student or person who needs to set up their office for success can find what they need at Five Below. Most products are $5 or less, but things like tablet stands and wireless mice only go up to $5.25. With office and school supplies less than $5, Five Below is the ideal location for shopping before heading back to school or work.

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9. Essential Household Items

Every home should have a first aid kit, lint rollers, sponges, cleaning gloves and face masks on hand. Five Below has a section for home essentials for when your holiday shopping is done. 

Home essentials include toothbrushes, toothpaste, bandages, hand sanitizer, hand soap and even plasticware for packing leftovers or school lunches. They also have folding step stools and mini trash cans for less than $6. If the supply of home essentials for the kitchen or bathroom is running low, Five Below has it covered, along with all the fun stuff.

10. Activewear and Footwear

It might be surprising, but with all its makeup, body care products, toys and games, stationery and tech products, Five Below also has activewear and footwear. Shoes are one of the best things to buy at Five Below, as a pair of slide sandals or slip-on laced shoes only cost $5 each in most stores. Faux leather sneakers, sandals, fuzzy slippers and a range of socks are at Five Below, all for $5 or less.

As for activewear, most of the sizes are junior men’s and women’s sizes, but this could be budget-friendly for dressing tweens and teens. Five Below has a range of activewear, all for $5, including joggers, running shorts, compression shorts, sports bras, sneakers, bike shorts, swim trunks and leggings.

Final Thoughts

Five Below is a fun and affordable option to purchase gifts, novelty items, little treats and even tech. Try Five Below before heading off to more expensive stores like Target or Walmart for some of these items. Five Below really does mean that not everything starts at $5; there are hundreds of items for less than that as well. 

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