How to Make a TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment

Follow these quick steps to pay your TJ Maxx Rewards Card.

Known for selling clothing and accessories at prices that are lower than its competitors, TJ Maxx is a popular retailer nationwide. As of February 2018, the company operates over 4,000 stores in nine countries with significant potential for long-term growth. Savvy shoppers who frequent TJ Maxx for great deals can save even more with a TJX Rewards card.

The TJ Maxx credit card application is available online and takes just a few minutes to fill out. Once the TJ Maxx card application is reviewed and you are approved, the company will assign you either the TJX Rewards credit card or the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard. The TJX Rewards credit card can be used at Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post and Homesense in addition to TJ Maxx, whereas the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. With the cards, you’ll enjoy perks such as 10 percent off your first online or in-store purchase and $10 rewards certificates each time you spend $200.

Once you take advantage of the either the TJX Rewards card or the TJ Maxx Mastercard, you’ll receive a statement online or in the mail with the balance due. Follow the steps below to make your TJ Maxx card payment and see why it’s one of the best store credit cards available.

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How to Make Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment Online

Perhaps the most convenient way to pay your TJX Rewards credit card or TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard bill is to use the online portal provided by Synchrony Bank, the financial institution that issues the card. To log in, you’ll need to enter the user ID and password that you created when you registered the card. From there, head to the “Summary” tab and select “Make a Payment.” You’ll have the option to make the minimum payment due, pay the statement balance, pay the current balance or type in another amount.

Whether you’re using the TJ Maxx credit card app on your mobile device or on your home computer, you can opt to make your TJ Maxx online payments automatically each month. From the “Summary” tab, choose “Recurring Payments.” Type in the amount you’d like to pay each month, enter your banking information including your account number and your bank routing number, then click the button to give authorization. Automatic payments will begin the following month.

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How to Make Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment by Phone

A customer service representative can help you make a payment directly by phone.

For the store card, call:


For the Mastercard, call:


Mastercard customer service hours are between 8 a.m. and midnight EST Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to midnight EST on Saturday, or 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday to speak to a live agent. TJX Rewards cardholders can also make a payment using the automated phone system by following the prompts. There’s no fee as long as you’re using a checking account to make the payment.

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How to Make Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment by Mail

If you opted for a paper billing statement, it will come with a payment coupon and a pre-addressed envelope. Cardholders that opted for an online statement can print their TJ Maxx pay bill coupon, which has the mailing address on it. Otherwise, you can use one of the following addresses to pay your TJX Rewards card balance:

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For Mastercard accounts, use this mailing address:

Mastercard Accounts

P.O. Box 530949

Atlanta, GA 30353-0949

For store cards, use this mailing address:

Store Card Accounts

P.O. Box 530948

Atlanta, GA 30353-0948

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What to Do If Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment Is Late

At the end of each billing cycle, TJ Maxx gives customers at least 23 days to pay the minimum amount due. There is a late fee of up to $35 if the bill isn’t paid by 5 p.m. EST on the listed due date. Late payments can be made online, over the phone or via the postal service.

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    How to Make a TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment
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