How To Save Money

High-Yield Savings Accounts

A high-yield savings account is exactly what it sounds like — a savings account with a high interest rate that enables you to grow your savings. Compare the best accounts on GOBankingRates’ custom rate tables.

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Online Savings Accounts

Online savings accounts offer the perks of traditional accounts without the hassle of visiting a brick-and-mortar bank. Enjoy online access, mobile apps and generous interest rates all in the palm of your hand.

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The basics of personal finance start with budgeting. If you spend less than you earn and budget for expenses, you will be well on your way toward financial success. Learn how to manage a budget of your own.

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Saving Money Tips

Follow these expert tips to save more money than ever. Discover how building your savings can significantly improve your life and finances. Get started today: Your future self will thank you.

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About Saving Money

Saving money can be a challenge for Americans who might struggle to learn the value of delayed gratification. Don’t worry if you have the same problem. Very few individuals are taught financial responsibility from an early age or even in college. As you age and your financial responsibilities grow, you’ll need to find resources to help you learn how to save money for emergencies, a home or car, and retirement.

GOBankingRates understands the challenges you might face in your financial endeavors. Here you can find tools and resources to educate yourself on ways to help you enhance your personal finance skills.

Why Learning How to Save Money Is Important

Money is meant to be spent, right? So why bother trying to save it? The primary reason is that, in life, you’ll always need money to accomplish a goal, whether it’s paying your rent or mortgage, buying food for the family, or paying for transportation.

Those needs don’t go away as you age. Your needs might even increase, especially if medical costs become an integral part of your financial equation, not to mention other, costly emergencies that can arise.

Getting Into the Habit of Saving Money

Saving money for retirement, to finance a college education or even to help you in the event of job loss is a smart financial decision. But making sure you have enough money set aside for when you need it takes time and discipline.

Take a look at GOBankingRates’ regularly updated articles to learn how to save money in a variety of ways, store and grow your money in deposit accounts, and even spend less during the notoriously expensive holiday season.

Stop by often to expand your personal finance knowledge and set goals to help you get started on your journey to financial responsibility.