6 Best Places To Order Checks for 2023

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Most people pay bills online or through their bank’s bill payment service, so paper checks are often overlooked these days. But there is still the occasional time when you do need to write a check and the free pack from your bank wont last forever. But what are the best places to order checks?


6 Best Places To Order Checks

There are a lot of retailers that offer checks in 2023. Here is a look at six of the best:

  1. Costco
  2. Walmart
  3. Super Value Checks
  4. Bradford Exchange Checks
  5. Checks in the Mail
  6. Checks.com

1. Costco

Price-conscious consumers turn to Costco for many things, and checks are no different. If you are a Costco member, you can get cheap checks from Harland Clarke, a long-time leader in the check-printing industry.

Costco offers hundreds of types and styles of checks, so you’re sure to find something you like.

  • Standard blue safety checks are $26.42 for 400 checks if you are a Gold Star or Business member. If you are a Costco Executive member, they will cost $21.14.
  • High-security checks are $41.06 for 400 checks if you are a Gold Star or Business member. They cost $32.85 for Executive members.
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If you want to get a little more whimsical with your choice of checks, you can get checks with a specific dog breed on them, from Welsh Corgis to Siberian Huskies. A pack of 400 will cost you $30.86 if you have a Gold Star or Business membership, or just $24.69 if you’re an Executive member. For the same price, you can get Buzz Lightyear, Disney Princesses or Mary Poppins on your checks.

Business owners can also save on their checks at Costco. A pack of 600 general-purpose business checks costs $38.51 for Gold Star or Business members or $30.81 for Executive members. Special payroll checks and dual-purpose business checks are also available.

2. Walmart

Walmart offers dozens of different types and styles of checks, and you can order as few as 120 checks at a time.

  • Standard blue secure checks from Walmart are $8.52 for one pack. They also offer packs of duplicate checks, if you like to have a carbon copy of each check you write. These cost $9.85 for one pack.

Walmart also offers dog breed and Disney checks, as well as checks that are patriotic, inspirational, scenic and more. These specialty designs cost a little more — 120 single Buzz Lightyear checks are $9.59, for example.

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3. Super Value Checks

You can find cheap checks at Super Value Checks. They have some of the lowest prices on the market even for smaller quantities.

  • A pack of 60 single blue safety checks costs just $1.95.
  • If you order a pack of 125 checks, you’ll also get 20 deposit slips and a check register, all for just $3.95.

Every Day Value checks, which include dog breeds, landscapes and inspiration styles, are $6.95 for one pack. Premier checks, like Disney, patriotic checks or superhero checks will cost you $10.95 for a pack of 125 checks.

4. Bradford Exchange Checks

Bradford Exchange Checks offers many different styles of checks.

  • Blue safety personal checks are $10.99 for one pack of single checks, but you get the second pack free, so you’re getting 200 checks in total.

You can choose from checks that tear off at the top or the side, checks that have a stub at the top or home desk checks. They also offer single or duplicate checks. Styles include charities, holidays, scenic, professions and more.

5. Checks in the Mail

Checks In The Mail has a wide variety of check options that are pricier than most other options, but they offer significant discounts.

  • Single blue safety checks cost $22.99 for one pack of 100 checks.
  • A duplicate pack of blue safety checks costs $27.25.
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The checks come in a pack that includes four pads of 25 checks and two deposit slips each, plus a transaction register. Buzz Lightyear checks will set you back $24.99 for 100 single checks, and Welsh Corgi checks are $22.99 for 100.

If you’re a new customer, you can get these checks for $6.49 per pack, plus free shipping and processing. There is also a 20% discount offer on the website if you sign up for emails.

6. Checks.com

Checks.com offers three pricing levels for their checks depending on the design you would like.

  • Value Checks are $4.95 for a box of 100.
  • Traditional Checks are $5.95 for a box of 100.
  • Choice Checks are $6.95 for a box of 100.

You can get duplicate checks for $1 more per box.

Checks.com offers free shipping on all orders, which can mean significant savings compared to other companies. Delivery can take up to 15 days, however, and is not traceable.

Final Thoughts

When you are deciding where to buy your checks, be sure to factor in shipping costs. They can vary a lot and can turn your cheap check order into a pricey splurge. Planning ahead and selecting standard shipping can help to keep your costs down.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about checks.
  • Who has the cheapest checks online?
    • Super Value Checks has 60 checks for just $1.95, this is one of the cheapest prices available today. Checks.com has higher prices for the checks, but shipping is free.
  • Who prints checks for cheap?
    • There are many places to get inexpensive checks, including Super Value Checks, Costco and Walmart.
  • Are new checks free?
    • Many banks provide a free book of checks when you open your checking account. When it's time to reorder, your bank may provide a discount for checks, or you can order online from various companies.
  • How can I get checks fast?
    • If you are out of checks and need to write one right away, you can usually go to your bank and get a check, although a single check may cost you $1 or more. If you're ordering checks online, you may pay quite a bit for expedited shipping. Your best bet is to order when you still have a few checks left so you can get standard shipping and still get your checks before you run out.

Data is accurate as of May 31, 2023, and is subject to change.


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