The Biggest Bank in Every State

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Despite their reputation as impersonal and profit-driven, big banks do have certain advantages. Most offer a wide range of banking products and services, including online banking, credit cards and fee-free ATMs, as well as the convenience of numerous locations. It also turns out that in a good percentage of the 50 states, the biggest bank is actually a community or regional financial institution that aims to put customers first.

The Biggest Banks by State

GOBankingRates pinpointed the largest bank in each state, using a directory from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to rank financial institutions by total deposits inside of their market, or within their home state.

State Biggest Bank Total Deposits: Inside State Total Deposits: Overall
Alabama Regions Bank $32,000,137,000 $129,403,000,000
Alaska First National Bank Alaska $3,874,988,000 $3,874,988,000
Arizona Western Alliance Bank $30,393,873,000 $51,288,938,000
Arkansas Arvest Bank $12,357,634,000 $21,256,764,000
California City National Bank $56,264,621,000 $73,924,393,000
Colorado FirstBank $22,513,871,000 $24,394,244,000
Connecticut Webster Bank $32,889,830,000 $59,025,436,000
Delaware Discover® Bank, Member FDIC $101,207,168,000 $101,207,168,000
Florida Raymond James Bank $38,533,176,000 $38,533,176,000
Georgia Synovus Bank $27,881,249,000 $50,637,902,000
Hawaii Bank of Hawaii $19,370,906,000 $20,532,716,000
Idaho D. L. Evans Bank $2,433,488,000 $2,543,486,000
Illinois BMO $94,598,704,000 $202,237,154,000
Indiana Merchants Bank of Indiana $12,879,192,000 $12,879,192,000
Iowa Principal Bank $7,668,816,000 $7,668,816,000
Kansas Capitol Federal Savings Bank $6,104,993,000 $6,244,716,000
Kentucky Stock Yards Bank & Trust $5,370,833,000 $6,209,226,000
Louisiana B1bank $4,237,010,000 $5,036,399,000
Maine Bangor Savings Bank $5,269,357,000 $5,594,079,000
Maryland Sandy Spring Bank $9,539,601,000 $11,041,547,000
Massachusetts Eastern Bank $17,881,861,000 $18,302,604,000
Michigan Independent Bank $4,557,023,000 $4,557,023,000
Minnesota Ameriprise Bank $20,933,401,000 $20,933,401,000
Mississippi Trustmark National Bank $9,855,320,000 $14,989,813,000
Missouri UMB Bank $26,636,936,000 $33,660,048,000
Montana Glacier Bank $7,614,605,000 $20,126,170,000
Nebraska First National Bank of Omaha $17,450,168,000 $25,170,504,000
Nevada Wells Fargo National Bank West $13,168,203,000 $13,168,203,000
New Hampshire Bank of New Hampshire $2,061,672,000 $2,061,672,000
New Jersey Valley National Bank $30,314,708,000 $49,783,722,000
New Mexico New Mexico Bank & Trust $2,366,444,000 $2,366,444,000
New York Goldman Sachs Bank USA $231,713,000,000 $352,195,000,000
North Carolina Bank of America $250,015,681,000 $1,879,160,655,000
North Dakota Bell Bank $4,904,390,000 $11,664,721,000
Ohio U.S. Bank $111,380,704,000 $526,741,722,000
Oklahoma BOKF $17,090,636,000 $33,543,179,000
Oregon Umpqua Bank $21,375,228,000 $526,741,722,000
Pennsylvania First National Bank of Pennsylvania $21,451,265,000 $34,219,281,000
Rhode Island Citizens Bank $14,890,521,000 $180,714,166,000
South Carolina United Community Bank $3,466,600,000 $22,651,605,000
South Dakota Citi® $452,108,000,000 $757,135,000,000
Tennessee First Horizon Bank $30,793,879,000 $66,592,014,000
Texas Charles Schwab Bank $271,772,000,000 $271,772,000,000
Utah Ally Bank $158,824,000,000 $158,824,000,000
Vermont Northfield Savings Bank $1,135,507,000 $1,135,507,000
Virginia Capital One $55,636,972,000 $367,820,677,000
Washington Washington Federal Bank $7,536,402,000 $16,294,261,000
West Virginia WesBanco Bank $4,232,695,000 $13,140,134,000
Wisconsin Associated Bank $24,667,366,000 $32,061,546,000
Wyoming Pinnacle Bank – Wyoming $1,071,044,000 $1,123,563,000

Final Take To GO 

The bottom line is that when it comes to financial decisions, you not only want all of your banking needs covered, but you also want to be able to conveniently pop into a local branch near you. It is good to know what financial institution could be the best fit for you in your home state or if you plan on moving. 


  • What U.S. bank is in all 50 states?
    • There are currently no commercial, consumer or investment banks in the U.S. with branches located in all 50 states, or all the states and Washington, D.C.
  • Which bank has the most branches in the United States?
    • For consumer banking and commercial banking, you can't beat Chase, as it has the most branches in the United States — over 4,700 in 48 states and Washington, D.C. It is also the biggest bank in the U.S. based on total assets.
  • What is the No. 1  bank in America?
    • There are many big banks in America, but Chase would be the No. 1 bank in the U.S. based on its total assets. Other contenders among the largest banks include Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citi.
  • Is PNC Bank in all 50 states?
    • PNC Bank is not in all 50 states. There are currently no national banks located in all 50 states. This includes big banks such as Chase, Citi and Bank of America.
A Better Way to Bank

Joel Anderson and Jami Farkas contributed to the reporting for this article.

Methodology: GOBankingRates used the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s directory to find the largest bank by total deposits inside of market — meaning deposits within the state. Banks must be headquartered in the state. Total deposit figures (inside and outside state) are for informational purposes, not ranking. In three states (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Utah), the second-largest banks are listed because the largest provide investment and wealth management services rather than traditional banking services. All data on deposits was sourced from the FDIC’s Deposit Market Share Reports – Summary of Deposits report as of June 30, 2023. All data used to conduct this study was compiled and verified on Jan. 22, 2024.


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