Here Is the Biggest Bank in Every State

Find out if a big bank is right for you.
  • George K.

    TD Bank offers Sunday hours. Best bank.

  • Joshua W.

    I would never bank with Bank of America, but I’m glad they are based here in NC and they really do a lot for the local economy. I still prefer credit unions, but this article has a good point that big banks shouldn’t be demonized — it’s never as simple as calling them evil.

  • T.J.

    As long as I don’t lose money on fees or because a bank goes under, I don’t care who I bank with.

  • Christopher Burns

    Christina, what is the basis for this map? The criteria aren’t clear. Kentucky is a great example. Community Trust is the 6th largest by deposits and 5th largest by branches in KY, with US Bank, 5/3, PNC, and BB&T larger in both, and Chase only narrowly missing the 5th spot on branch count. Banks don’t make number of customers served available to use as a basis. How do you justify saying Community Trust is the largest bank in KY? Similar scenarios exist for the banks identified as the “biggest” in Indiana and Michigan also, suggesting it is likely the case that an accurate representation of most of the map would show the “biggest” bank in each state would be one of the top 5-10 by assets or branches nationwide.

    • Christina Lavingia

      Hi Christopher,

      If you read the article, we explain that these are the biggest banks headquartered in each state based on Federal Reserve data of deposits. This is independent of the number of branches in any given location. For example, Bank of America might have a larger presence somewhere else, but it’s selected for North Carolina because that is the state it is headquartered in.