How to Apply for an Old Navy Credit Card

Here are two ways to get approved for an Old Navy Card.

Visit any Old Navy store on a weekend, and you’ll find a bounty of clothing bargains that can tempt even the most disciplined spender to stock up on attire, and Old Navy is willing to finance those temptations. To enjoy a shopping spree without having to put a dent in your budget all at once, you can apply for an Old Navy credit card or an Old Navy Visa card to earn rewards for items you buy  and then redeem the rewards at any Gap Inc. brand store.

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Here’s what you need to know to apply for an Old Navy card and earn Old Navy credit card rewards points for your purchases.

How to Apply for an Old Navy Card

Synchrony Bank offers two Old Navy credit card products: a regular store card and an Old Navy Visa card. You can apply and get approved for one of the cards if you meet these requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have a U.S. address
  • Have a taxpayer identification number
  • Meet income and credit history requirements
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Here are two ways to apply for a rewards credit card at Old Navy:

Apply Online for an Old Navy Credit Card

You can apply for an Old Navy credit card online in a few minutes. Once approved, you’ll receive a discount code for your first purchase that can be used for online or in-store items. Follow these steps to complete an Old Navy credit card application from your PC or mobile device:

  1. Fill out the retail credit card application on the Synchrony Financial website with basic personal information, including your Social Security number and annual net income and click “Continue.”
  2. Confirm whether you want to receive electronic or paper statements or add an authorized user to your account. Choosing paperless statements can earn you 500 extra rewards points.
  3. Review the terms and conditions and check “I Agree” if you want to continue with the application.
  4. Click the “Secure Submit” button to process your application.
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Note that some credit applicants will receive an automatic decision after submitting, and some will not. You can expect to receive a final decision regarding your application by mail within seven to 10 days or an email response within three to four days.

Apply in Person for an Old Navy Card

Apply for an Old Navy card in person with a cashier at your local Old Navy store using the steps below. Once approved, you’ll receive a discount on your first store purchase.

  1. Find your nearest store by checking the Old Navy store directory or by contacting Old Navy customer service at 866-450-5294.
  2. Tell a cashier you want to apply for an Old Navy Card when you checkout. You’ll need your driver’s license or other identifying information to submit your credit card application electronically and get an instant credit decision for either the Old Navy card or Visa. Applicants who don’t qualify will get an explanation letter in the mail within seven to 10 days.
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Is the Old Navy Credit Card a Good Deal?

The Old Navy credit card and Visa card both feature a variable 25.99% APR, which is relatively high for a retail card. You can use the Old Navy card at all Gap Inc. stores and earn five reward points for every dollar spent, and the Old Navy Visa earns the same type of store rewards. Plus the Visa card allows you to make purchases outside of Gap Inc. stores and earn additional rewards of one point for every dollar spent, which helps rewards add up.

For people who enjoy shopping at Old Navy and other Gap Inc. stores, either card might be worth it to rack up rewards. But only consider applying if you’re prepared to use your Old Navy login or other payment methods to pay your balance in full during the grace period each month. Otherwise, the interest you will have to pay might wipe out any potential rewards.

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