4 Worst Things To Buy at Costco in October


As fall kicks into full swing, you might be saying to yourself, “Maybe I should head off to Costco and stock up on some essentials.” Of course, many shoppers save a lot at Costco during all times of the year. But not every bulk buy is a smart one.

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Here are some of the worst things to purchase at Costco in October.


The novelty of having a container of mayonnaise bigger than your head is quite delightful but…will you use it all? How about that ketchup? Mustard? All the fixins you’d relish to have at a summertime barbeque?

According to MoneyWise, “The shelf life of mayo is three to six months, but after you break the seal, start spreading. You’ll need to finish it within two months.” Other condiments like ketchup can keep their freshness for around a year, but like mayo, once it’s open, you’ve got about six months to use all of it.

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While this may seem like a long period, you’ll want to consider how many times you actually indulge in these foods during the fall and winter.

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You might think you are beating the mattress market at its own game by shopping at Costco, but timing is everything, especially considering that you’ll spend one-third of your lifetime sleeping.

While Costco does have the ability to order some top-rated mattresses for customers, Sleep Advisor cautions shoppers to thoroughly do their research before buying. This includes when to buy as well, as better deals on Costco mattresses have popped up in Veterans Day sales (November) in years prior.


Costco seemingly always has great deals on coffee — but you should take another look, particularly when it comes to pre-ground coffee. Like condiments, this stuff doesn’t last nearly as long as you think it will. In fact, coffee beans tend to lose up to 60% of their aroma within just 15 minutes of being opened.

The experts at Death Wish Coffee say, “It’s best to use the ground beans within two weeks of opening.”


With Halloween on the horizon, we’re all eating a lot of sugar and will continue to do so straight on through the end of the year (and, c’mon, all year long). So it makes sense to balance that sweet snacking with healthy food, right? Not so fast.

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Costco is known for having high-quality produce, but like everything else at the bargain store, it also has high quantity. The amount of fruit Costco stocks up on creates a surplus so bad that employees have even admitted they won’t shop for produce items there. With things like bananas, citrus and other fruits quickly going out of season, how fast can your family eat everything in the bowl before it turns scarier than any horror movie?

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