How To Make Instant Money Transfers With Routing and Account Number Without Verification


Electronic money transfers are the fastest and most convenient way to move funds, whether you’re splitting a restaurant bill with friends or sending a birthday gift to a relative.

However, with all the different payment apps available, verifying new accounts can feel like jumping through hoops. Is there an easy way to make an instant transfer without verification?

In this article, GOBankingRates explores whether it’s possible to make instant transfers without verification and which apps allow you to send money instantly without the need for additional identity checks, simply by using your routing and account numbers.

Why Do Money Transfers Require Verification?

Most banks and money transfer apps require identity verification when registering an account. Additionally, banks or payment apps may ask you to verify your identity when transferring money to other accounts. This is done to keep you safe and prevent fraudulent activities. By verifying your identity at every step, you prevent criminals from hacking your account and transferring money without your knowledge.

However, many payment apps allow you to transfer money without requiring verification for each specific transfer, as long as you have passed the initial verification process. Each bank or payment app has its own requirements when it comes to how much money you can send without an additional verification step.

How Can I Make an Instant Transfer With Routing and Account Number Without Verification?

You may be wondering, “How can I send money with just my account and routing number?” Most banks and payment apps will allow you to make instant transfers using routing and account numbers without verification for each transfer. Simply input the required information for the sender and recipient, and follow the steps in the app.

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For some banks and payment apps, you can also turn off two-factor authentication, or 2FA, by adjusting your account settings. This removes the need to verify transfers via one-time password or other verification methods, but it varies by bank, and there may be limits on the amount of money you can transfer this way.

Once you’ve turned off 2FA, you can make instant transfers by providing the routing and account number of your intended recipient.

Before attempting this method, carefully consider whether the convenience of removing 2FA is worth the security risk. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that helps protect your account.

How Can I Send Money Without ID Verification?

While most payment apps do not require you to verify your ID for every transaction, almost all of them will ask for it during the initial registration process. If you do not want to provide your ID at all, one of your options is to send a limited amount of money through Cash App.

Cash App allows you to send and receive up to $1,000 per month without ID verification. If you want to send or receive more than that, you will have to verify your identity by providing your SSN, full name and date of birth. Additionally, Cash App may ask you to provide evidence for your source of funds to access certain features or to increase your transfer limit.

Can I Send Money With Just My Account and Routing Number?

Yes, if you already have a bank account or an account with a money transfer provider, it’s possible to send money with just your account and routing number. Since you’ve already provided identity verification, you won’t be required to pass any additional verification steps.

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For example, you can schedule an ACH transfer directly through your bank or a payment app like Wise, as long as you know the registered name of the person you’re sending to and some of their other account details. To make the transfer, simply enter the recipient’s full name, contact information, bank account name, account number, routing number and full address.

However, it’s important to note that the initial process of linking your bank account to a money transfer app like Wise will likely require a verification step. This process varies from bank to bank but may involve inputting your Social Security Number or other identifying information.

What Apps Can I Use to Instantly Send Money Without Verification?

Here is a list of apps that you can use to instantly send money. While all of these options, except for Cash App, require ID during registration, they won’t ask you to verify your identity when making transfers.

  1. PayPal
  2. Wise
  3. Cash App
  4. Zelle
  5. Venmo
  6. Payoneer
  7. Veem

Key Takeaways

If you only need to transfer a limited amount of money and do not want to provide your ID at any step in the registration process, Cash App may be suitable for your needs. If you want to transfer money more regularly, you will likely need to provide ID verification when you sign up for the payment app of your choice. Fortunately, once registered, most payment apps allow you to instantly transfer money without requiring verification every time.

While verification can be inconvenient at times, remember that these security measures are in place to protect your accounts and prevent criminal behavior. By taking the necessary steps to verify your account and transferring money through trusted apps, you can ensure that your funds are safe and secure.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using instant transfers.
  • Is it safe to send instant transfers?
    • It's safe to send instant transfers as long as you use an app that you know and trust. Additionally, always double-check that you have the correct sender and receiver account information so that you don't accidentally transfer money to the wrong person. Finally, keep an eye out for scams and never send money to someone you don't know.
  • Can I send money with only an account number?
    • No, it's not possible to send money if you only have the account number. While account numbers help identify specific accounts within the bank, routing numbers are required to direct the money to the correct bank or financial institution.
  • What apps allow you to send money instantly without verification?
    • Cash App allows you to send and receive money without ID verification. However, unverified accounts are limited to sending or receiving up to $1,000 within any 30-day period. To increase your account limit, you'll have to verify your identity by providing your SSN, full name and date of birth.
    • Zelle only requires an email address or a US mobile phone number to set up an account. It doesn't ask for additional identity verification during transfers to other accounts. However, you do need to link your Zelle account to an existing bank account to send or receive money.


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