Avoid Bounced Check Fees Can Save You Money

Everyone can make mistakes and miscalculate how much they have in their bank accounts which can cost a bundle of money in bounced check fees. Down the road, bounced check fees can end up costing you hundreds of dollars and if you don’t pay that fee you can end up hurting your credit score. One of the first steps in building a high credit score is maintaining a checking account in good standing. The more you bounce checks, the lower your credit score will be, and the higher the interest rates you will be charged with when you apply for different types of credit lines.

Bouncing one check can cost you anywhere from $20-$30 from your own bank. Additionally, if you issued a bad check to someone else, they may sue you in small claims court to cover the fees they may have incurred as part of your banking error. There are several strategies you can implement to avoid bouncing checks:

  • Opt into your bank’s overdraft protection program, but make sure to check the costs first
  • Use a credit card issued by the same bank that has your checking account as a way to get a free line of credit for overdraft protection
  • If offered, sign into free banking alerts from your financial institution as a way to alert you when your balance slips to dangerous lows
  • View your online banking balance daily as an additional way to ensure your money is clearing through properly
  • If you think you may be coming close to bouncing a check, line your checking account with extra money STAT

Whatever option you choose to avoid bounced check fees will surely assist in your quest avoiding wasting money. Managing your budget is a crucial factor in maintaining your overall financial health, and preventing bounced check fees will not only save you cash, but it will help you look a better the eyes of the lenders.

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Avoid Bounced Check Fees Can Save You Money
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