Nordstrom Credit Card Review: Points and Exclusive Perks With Every Purchase

Finance Nordstrom shoes and Nordstrom dresses with these cards.

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Nordstrom currently has 365 locations in 40 states and Canada and a 24/7 online shopping portal. With its widespread presence and billions of dollars in sales, it’s no secret that this clothing and accessories powerhouse has a strong foothold in the fashion industry. Deciding to shop as a Nordstrom cardholder not only supports a long-standing tradition, it can also help you reap rewards and get in on the best deals the store offers.

Here’s what you need to know about this retailer’s co-branded and store card offerings.

Nordstrom Credit Card Review

All Nordstrom credit cards are issued by TD Bank, USA and are maintained by Nordstrom Card Services. Cardholders earn rewards every time they use one of Nordstrom’s credit cards to shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club. Nordstrom’s entire line of credit cards features no annual fees, and Nordstrom customer service is accessible 24 hours a day for your convenience.

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Accounts are easily managed online with your Nordstrom credit card login. From the online portal, you can securely view your Nordstrom rewards card balance, pay your monthly bill or dispute a charge. After registering for a Nordstrom login, you can also activate a new card to begin using it immediately.

Nordstrom Products and Services

Nordstrom offers its customers the option of applying for one of three credit cards. Although the credit cards can be used at your favorite Nordstrom-owned stores, none of the cards have an alternate label, such as HauteLook or Nordstrom Rack credit card. Each credit card has its own benefits, so you’ll want to take a closer look at each type before beginning a Nordstrom credit card application. Like other retail credit cards, these cards come with high APRs. The Nordstrom credit card carries a 23.90% APR and a penalty APR of 30.90 percent; Nordstrom Visa cards offer an APR range of 11.90 to 23.90 percent for Nordstrom purchases and 15.90 to 23.90% APR for non-Nordstrom charges. Keep this in mind as you choose which card is right for you.

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Nordstrom Retail Credit Card

Although the Nordstrom retail card can only be used at Nordstrom-owned stores and websites, loyal Nordstrom shoppers will love that this credit card rewards them for their purchases. You can earn two points for every $1 spent.

The more you spend with this card, the more perks you’ll qualify for. For example, if you buy $2,000 worth of merchandise in a calendar year, you earn two triple point days and get to take part in an exclusive holiday points event. Spend $5,000 and get three triple point days and the opportunity to take part in Nordstrom’s extraordinary experiences events.

Nordstrom Visa Platinum Card

Opting for a Nordstrom Visa Platinum means enjoying the benefits of owning a Visa. Visas are widely accepted around the globe, feature enhanced chip security for your protection and come with auto rental collision damage protection.

You’ll also earn shopping rewards — two points for every $1 spent in Nordstrom-owned stores and one point per dollar everywhere else. Additionally, the card quickly provides you with either an emergency card replacement or emergency cash disbursement if you need it.

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Nordstrom Visa Signature Card

Only customers who make frequent purchases at Nordstrom are considered for this Nordstrom credit card. Nordstrom rewards its Visa signature cardholders via preferred access to events and discounted rates at some of the world’s finest hotels. Emergency roadside assistance, $500,000 in travel accident insurance and lost luggage reimbursement are also included with this card you can use for additional purchases outside of Nordstrom.

Pros and Cons of the Nordstrom Credit Card

Before deciding whether you’d like to apply for a Nordstrom card, you’ll need to review the pros and cons:


  • Earn a $40 Nordstrom Note bonus when you spend $100 and pay with your card on the day you’re approved.
  • For every 2,000 points you earn, you get $20 in Nordstrom Notes to spend at Nordstrom and partner stores.
  • Earn 2 points per dollar when you shop at any of Nordstrom’s line of stores or through their associated websites.
  • Earn an additional point per dollar when you use either the Nordstrom Visa Platinum or Signature credit card for purchases outside of the store.
  • As you spend more, your rewards potential increases.
  • No annual fees apply to any of the rewards cards offered.
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  • High APRs
  • Late payment charge of up to $38
  • $25 charge for returned payments
  • A cash-advance charge of the greater of $10 or 5 percent of the amount the cash advance applies to Nordstrom Visa cards.
  • Nordstrom Notes expire one year after their issue date.
  • Nordstrom Rewards expire three years from the last day of the year in which the points were issued.

Is a Nordstrom Credit Card the Right Fit for Me?

As long as you shop regularly at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook or Trunk Club, any of the Nordstrom credit cards can be a good choice as long you are able to pay off your balance each month to avoid high-interest charges. Because the attached rewards only benefit customers who make purchases at Nordstrom, the credit cards won’t benefit individuals who are not avid Nordstrom visitors. For shoppers who are not interested in applying for credit, the store also offers a Nordstrom rewards debit card.

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