How To Make a Firestone Credit Card Payment

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Firestone Complete Auto Care has provided vehicle maintenance for customers for nearly a century. The company offers a range of services, including oil changes, battery replacements and tuneups.

If you’re already a devoted customer, you might hold a Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card to take advantage of perks like six months of deferred interest. However, it’s important to stay on top of your credit card bills to reap the full benefits of this card. This includes making payments on time.

Ways To Make a Firestone Credit Card Payment

Credit First National Association issues all Firestone credit cards. CFNA is a third-party finance company and is the customer credit division of Bridgestone Americas. It provides a variety of credit card payment options for 4.6 million customers. You can make a Firestone credit card payment online, over the phone or by mail. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Make a Firestone Credit Card Payment Online

To make a Firestone Credit Card payment online, you’ll need to create an online account on CFNA’s website. Here’s how:

  1. Submit your credit card number and Social Security number.
  2. Create a username and password for the account and confirm your email address.
  3. Click “Continue to Step 2” and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the online account setup process.
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After creating an online account, here’s how to make a payment:

  1. Go to the CFNA login page.
  2. Click “View Payments” to pay your bill.
  3. Select your payment amount, and enter your bank account number and bank routing number to complete your payment.

How To Make a Firestone Credit Card Payment Over the Phone

CFNA will let you pay your Firestone bill by phone at 800-321-3950. Use the free, automated system to pay directly from your bank account. You can also speak with a customer service representative to make a payment with a debit card or credit card. Note there is a $4.95 processing fee for this service.

How To Make a Firestone Credit Card Payment by Mail

If you prefer paying your bills through the mail, CFNA accepts paper checks and money orders, too. When mailing, include the payment coupon from your credit card statement with your payment if possible. If you don’t have the payment coupon, write your Firestone credit card account number on the check or money order to ensure your payment will be credited to your account. Here’s the payment mailing address:

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Credit First NA
P.O. Box 81344
Cleveland, OH 44188-0344

Set Up Automatic Payments for Your Firestone Credit Card

Credit First gives you the option to schedule up to six payments in advance. You can do this through the bank’s website. Just change the date for each of the payments you’re scheduling. The system will process the payment automatically on the scheduled day.

What To Do If Your Firestone Credit Card Is Late

Late payments can be made by any of the methods above. However, you may pay up to a $40 late fee each time you miss a due date. This can be costly over time and reflect poorly on your credit score. You can avoid this fee by paying your account on time each month.

In addition to knowing your due date, it helps to understand when payments are credited to your account. Payments made online or through the mail must be received before 5 p.m. EST to be credited to the account. Phone payments through the automated system or a customer service representative must be made by 11:59 p.m. EST to be credited the same day.

This article has been updated with additional reporting since its original publication.

Information is accurate as of May 13, 2022.

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