3 Ways to Pay Your Firestone Credit Card

Paying your Firestone credit card bill is an easy task.

For more than 115 years, many drivers have considered Firestone-made tires a necessity. If you’re already a devoted customer, you might hold a Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card to take advantage of the conditional six months of deferred interest. However, it’s important to stay on top of your credit card bills to reap the full benefits of this particular card.

Keep reading to learn how to pay your Firestone credit card bill on time to take full advantage of deferred interest and avoid damaging your credit score.

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Ways to Pay Your Firestone Credit Card Bill

Credit First National Association (CFNA) issues all Firestone credit cards. CFNA is a third-party finance company and is the customer credit division of Bridgestone Americas. With over 4.6 million cardholders, CFNA provides a variety of credit card payment options. You can pay Firestone credit card balances online, via mail or over the phone.

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Pay Online

The internet makes paying your bills easy and centralized. CFNA offers online payments for your Firestone credit card. Follow these simple steps to make your online payments:

  1. Register your Firestone card at the Credit First National Association. You’ll need to provide your credit card and Social Security numbers. Additionally, have your routing and checking account numbers available.
  2. Once registered, sign in to your CFNA account and click on the “View Payments” tab.
  3. Next, select your payment amount. You must make at least the minimum payment.

Pay by Mail

If you prefer paying your bills through the mail, CFNA accepts postage, too. Mailed-in payments must be via check or money order. Be sure to address the envelope to:

Credit First National Association
BK-11/Customer Service
P.O. Box 81315
Cleveland, OH 44181-0315

Pay Over the Phone

CFNA offers a third option: paying your Firestone bill by phone. You can make electronic payments with your debit card over the phone by calling 1-800-321-3950.

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If you have any issues, customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. EST, and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. CFNA also has 24/7 access to its Interactive Voice Response system to answer the many questions you might have about your credit card.

Perks of a Firestone Credit Card

Firestone credit cards come with a variety of perks. Most notable is its deferred interest offered on Bridgestone and Firestone products for six months. You’ll also enjoy a competitive APR and a generous credit limit. For exclusive Firestone deals and coupons, be sure check out the Firestone website for changing options and incentives.

Card Fees and Penalties

Firestone credit cards have no annual fee and a 22.8% APR. Collective daily transactions of $149 or more have deferred interest for six months. You must pay the balance in full, or you’ll be charged the accumulated interest from the first day of the purchase.

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Tardy payments come with penalties. Expect late fees of up to $15 on balances less than $100 and up to $35 on $100 or more. Not only are these late fees painful for your pocketbook, but they will also reflect poorly on your credit score. Be sure to pay your credit card bills on time, as well as try to make payments greater than the minimum requirement to prevent interest from accumulating.

Follow these steps, and the Firestone credit card can be a great asset in your financial arsenal.

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3 Ways to Pay Your Firestone Credit Card
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