Here’s Your First Citizens Bank Routing Number

First Citizens Bank routing number

First Citizens Bank has been a part of the U.S. banking system for over 120 years. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based bank now operates more than 500 branches across 21 states and uses different routing numbers, depending on where an account was opened.

What Is First Citizens Bank’s Routing Number?

First Citizens Bank’s routing number for all wire transfers is 053100300.

However, the bank has different routing numbers depending on where you opened your account and what action you’re trying to complete. The following routing numbers correspond to electronic payments such as direct deposits and ACH payments.

State First Citizens Bank Routing Number
Arizona 122187335
California 122037760
Colorado 102089644
Florida 067092022
Georgia 061191848
Illinois 275071288
Kansas 101089823
Maryland 055003463
Michigan 275071288
Minnesota 275071288
Missouri 101089810
Nebraska 053100300
Nevada 053100300
New Jersey 053100300
New Mexico 107089652
North Carolina 053100300
Oklahoma 103089834
Oregon 123084958
South Carolina 053906041
Tennessee 064008970
Texas 114993906
Virginia 051401836
Washington 125107671
West Virginia 051503174
Wisconsin 275071288

It’s important to know which routing number to use to ensure the funds you’re sending or receiving go to the correct account.

What Is a Routing Number?

Banks use routing numbers to identify each other during monetary transfers, or what the American Bankers Association calls “negotiable instruments.” These numbers are comprised of nine digits and contain unique chunks of information. The first four digits are the Federal Reserve routing symbol, the next four digits are the ABA institution identifier and the last digit is known as the check digit.

Banks Can Have Multiple Routing Numbers

As First Citizens Bank shows, banks can have multiple routing numbers. Whether a bank uses different routing numbers for different states usually depends on both its size and whether it has a history of mergers and acquisitions. It also depends on which transaction the number is used for. For example, First Citizens uses a different routing number for wire transfers than it does for direct deposits.

A Better Way to Bank

Other banks that use multiple routing numbers include Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Member FDIC.

How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

The routing number on a check can be found on the bottom-left corner, next to your account number.

First Citizens Bank’s SWIFT Code for International Wire Transfers

SWIFT codes are the codes banks use for international wire transfers. Here’s First Citizens Bank’s SWIFT code:

First Citizens Bank SWIFT Code

Information is accurate as of March 9, 2023.

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