Are Banks Open Today? See Full List of All Bank Holidays

Is today a bank holiday? See the bank holidays through 2023.

Not knowing which banks are open on holidays can be frustrating, leaving you in difficult situations where you might need to deposit a check or inquire about a loan only to discover that your branch is closed. Most banks are private enterprises that can choose to remain open regardless of the day, so the only way to be 100% sure of your branch’s bank holiday schedule is to inquire directly. There are, however, certain holidays that almost all banks observe.

What National Holidays Are Also Bank Holidays?

Each bank can set its own schedule, but most adhere to the federal holiday calendar observed by the U.S. Federal Reserve, which outlines the 10 federal holidays that are also banking holidays. Federal Reserve facilities aren’t open those days and the vast majority of private banks and credit unions follow suit.

Additionally, there are two holidays that, although not federally recognized, are still a standard holiday within the banking industry: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. And Easter falls on a Sunday, when most banks are closed anyway.

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Dates When Banks Are Closed for Holidays

Wondering if there are any banks open today? Here’s a quick look at holidays when most banks will be closed for 2019 through 2023:

Bank Holiday20192020202120222023
New Year’s Day1/1/19, Tuesday1/1/20, Wednesday1/1/21, Friday1/1/22, Saturday (observed Friday, 12/31/21)1/1/23, Sunday (observed Monday, 1/2/23)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day1/21/19, Monday1/20/20, Monday1/18/21, Monday1/17/22, Monday1/16/23, Monday
Presidents Day2/18/19, Monday2/17/20, Monday2/15/21, Monday2/21/22, Monday2/20/23, Monday
Memorial Day5/27/19, Monday5/25/20, Monday5/31/21, Monday5/30/22, Monday5/29/23, Monday
Independence Day7/4/19, Thursday7/4/20, Saturday (observed Friday,
7/4/21, Sunday (observed Monday,
7/4/22, Monday7/4/23, Tuesday
Labor Day9/2/19, Monday9/7/20, Monday9/6/21, Monday9/5/22, Monday9/4/23, Monday
Columbus Day10/14/19, Monday10/12/20, Monday10/11/21, Monday10/10/22, Monday10/9/23, Monday
Veterans Day11/11/19, Monday11/11/20, Wednesday11/11/21, Thursday11/11/22, Friday11/11/23, Saturday (observed Friday, 11/10/23)
Thanksgiving Day11/28/19, Thursday11/26/20, Thursday11/25/21, Thursday11/24/22, Thursday11/23/23, Thursday
Christmas Day12/25/19, Wednesday12/25/20, Friday12/25/21, Saturday (observed Friday, 12/24/21)12/25/22, Sunday (observed Monday, 12/26/22)12/25/23, Tuesday

Additional days to check if your bank is open or closed:

What To Do When Your Bank Is Closed

Even if you can’t get access to a teller, there are plenty of options for taking care of most of your banking needs even when your branch is closed. The easiest option might be to access your bank’s mobile platform via its website or a mobile app, assuming the bank has them. Mobile banking is fast becoming a preferred method for banking, with a number of online-only banks providing increased banking products and services, so you should be able to conduct most of the same business you would in person on the bank’s website.

Even if you’re not comfortable with banking online, you can still handle many transactions simply by accessing a bank’s ATM. Although the functionality of each machine is different, almost all will allow you to make a withdrawal, whether it’s your bank’s ATM or not. Fewer ATMs will allow for a deposit to a bank outside its network, but there are some that will, and you can almost always make a deposit to any of your bank’s ATMs.

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Many Grocery Store Bank Branches Are Open on Holidays

Finally, you can also inquire about whether or not there are certain branches remaining open even on holidays. Bank branches located inside of a grocery store, for example, will often keep the same hours as the store, even if most of that bank’s other branches are closed. So check to see if there are any nearby store locations that you can visit during bank holidays.

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