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10 Tips for Women Who Want To Invest

Best Healthcare Stocks

Investing in Healthcare Stocks for Beginners

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How To Talk to Your Parents About Their Estate Plan (Without Making It Awkward)

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Is Investing With a Discount Broker the Right Option for You?

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Here’s Your Set It and Forget It Investing Strategy

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This Man Lost $14,000 in an Investment Scam

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25% of Americans Are Worried About Their Finances for 2019 — Here’s Why

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If a Recession Hits, Should You Invest or Hold Off?

Building Wealth

More About Investing

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How to Invest in the Business Down the Street

It's no secret that the key to building wealth is investing. Using your cash to support the growth of businesses not only helps you keep it growing and compounding for your future, but you're…

advisor meeting with couple

Do You Need a Broker to Buy Stocks?

You can buy stocks without using a broker in two basic ways, both of which rely on going directly through the company. See what the right choice is for you.

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Americans Are Living Their Worst Financial Nightmares, Survey Finds

When it comes to your finances, what worries you most? Is it having enough money in your checking account to pay the bills each month? Are you afraid you'll never get out of debt? Or, maybe you're…

best ways to invest your inheritance

Best Ways to Invest Your Inheritance Money

ed one's death will likely be the hardest thing you'll ever have to endure. And on top of dealing with the grief, making funeral arrangements and taking care of other responsibilities, you'll also…

best investment strategy

Best Investments at Each Stage During Your Life

Life is a long journey, with many twists and turns along the way. These twists and turns also extend to our financial lives, which means that investing during one's lifetime is not a "set it and…

investing mistakes baby boomers

7 Worst Investing Mistakes Boomers Can Make

It is critical that baby boomers save and invest for retirement. Unfortunately, the potential for many boomers to come up short in their retirement goals has been well-chronicled in the press. Simply…

Fiduciary Standard for financial advisor clients

Fiduciary Standard Forces Financial Planners to Act in Your Interest

In early April, the Department of Labor released the final version of its new fiduciary rules. These rules will redefine how financial advisors working with their client's retirement accounts do…

collectible investments

8 Collectibles Worth More Than Their Weight in Gold

  So far, 2016 has been a tough year for stock market investors. Often in this type of market, investors will gravitate to gold as a real asset and a store of value. In August 2011, gold was…

cool stocks to invest in

10 Coolest Stocks to Invest In

  Google and Apple are always creating new and cool products, which makes them popular stocks for investors. However, there are several other companies out there that are also transforming their…

anticipated IPOs

The Most Anticipated IPOs of 2016

Initial public offerings are exciting, yet agonizing, for investors. Some companies, like Google, thrive after going public and benefit from the public focus and attention. Others, like Facebook,…

Twitter and Facebook stock

Facebook Vs. Twitter: Which Stock Will Surge Ahead in 2016?

The social media world doesn't ask too much of its minions in terms of loyalty: If you have a Facebook (FB) page, chances are you use Twitter (TWTR), too. But where you invest your money can be a…

how to handle a surprise inheritance

How to Handle a Surprise Inheritance

The "great wealth transfer" is underway, with some $30 trillion being transferred from one generation to the next as baby boomers pass along their life savings to their heirs. Most heirs are largely…


7 Red Flags of a Bad Retirement Plan

Setting up a plan to fund your retirement is only the first step to living well in your golden years. You must monitor and regularly adjust your plan to ensure that you are generating enough savings…

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Checklist for Millennials

Retirement planning for millennials and Generation Y is no picnic compared to earlier generations. For starters, those in this group aged 18 to 34 are dealing with larger financial burdens than their…

social security benefits

10 Things Pessimists Need to Know About Social Security

If you watch cable financial news networks or read the financial press long enough, you are bound to run into a story that talks about how Social Security is running out of money. You might…

money management

8 Reasons Managing Money Seems Terrifying

Fear and money often go hand in hand. That is no surprise in a world where many people constantly court financial chaos, leaving them feeling vulnerable and insecure about the future. Those fears…

retirement planning newlyweds

Retirement Planning Checklist for Newlyweds

Getting married is an adjustment on many fronts. You have to get used to each other's bad habits, adjust to living together and in most cases, become one financial unit. Whether you're fresh from…

September Job Growth Stalls Global Economy

Why Poor Job Growth Will Stop The Fed From Raising Interest Rates This Year

The September jobs report is in and the results aren't pretty. Consequently, analysts are now predicting that Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates at its last scheduled…

stock market predictions

10 Stock Market Predictions for 2016

Do you remember 1869? At the beginning of that year, San Francisco was still basking in the glow of a Gold Rush explosion that saw its population swell from 50 to more than 149,000 in just 26 years….

retirement plan

How to Start Your Debt-Free Retirement Plan Today

As a financial advisor for more than 30 years, I've met a lot of people from all income levels. And one thing holds true no matter how much or little you own: Everyone cares deeply about what's…

How much should I save for retirement?

Haven’t Turned 60 Yet? You Can Still Save $430,453 Before Retirement

If you're not yet 60, there's still time to save for retirement. But figuring out how much money you'll actually need for your retirement is not simple. You have to take specific steps to set and…

Biggest Retirement Mistakes

How to Tell Your Parents They’re Ruining Their Retirement — and Yours

In the past year, there has been an exuberant amount of coverage on soon-to-be retirees who have insufficient funds to support themselves in retirement — and for good reason. GOBankingRates'…

investing advice

Best Investing Advice From 21 Successful Financial Advisors

Investing is central to building wealth and security and achieving important financial goals like planning for retirement. Yet many Americans don't take advantage of investing opportunities to make…

combine investments, joint finances

How to Combine Your Investment Accounts After Getting Married

If you're hoping for a long and happy marriage, a frank discussion about finances before the nuptials is a no-brainer. According to a survey of divorce financial analysts, money issues were among the…

money worries

Biggest Financial Fears and Challenges of Your Generation

Across generations, money is the most common topic people think about every day, found the GOBankingRates 2015 Life + Money Survey. But the types of financial worries people have vary by age group….

college savings plan

How to Save for College When Your Kid’s Still in Diapers

The cost of raising a child has reportedly never been as expensive as it is today. Raising a child born in 2013 to age 18 can cost more than $245,000, according to estimates by the U.S. Department of…


How to Invest Like Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, a millionaire entrepreneur and one of the cut-throat investors on the television show "Shark Tank," rose from poverty to wealth by becoming a technology expert. Often considered one…

when to start saving for retirement

Haven’t Turned 40 Yet? You Can Still Save $800,000 Before Retirement

If you're almost 40, it's not too late to save almost $1 million for your retirement — but you have to start now. If you do, you still have time for compound interest to have a significant…


4 Things Not to Tell Your Kids About Your Investments

Sure, you want your kids to know the importance of investing and how to avoid pitfalls like selling in a bear market and staying in it for the long term. On the other hand, some information about…

529 college savings plan

5 Reasons a 529 College Savings Plan Is the Best Baby Shower Gift

Those tiny clothes and pint-sized pairs of shoes are undeniably adorable, but odds are expectant parents will receive more than a few pieces to build their baby's wee wardrobe. So, financially savvy…

do I have enough money to retire

Haven’t Turned 50 Yet? You Can Still Save $800,000 Before Retirement

Never being able to retire is one of Americans' biggest fears, according to GOBankingRates' 2015 Life + Money Survey. Whether you're over the hill or coming upon it, it's never too late to save for…

improve financial status

20 Ideas to Improve Your Financial Status

Having an ambitious savings goal is great. But too often, focusing on a big number can lead people to overlook small everyday changes that would enhance their financial standing. Making a few tweaks…

online financial planner

3 Reasons You Should Look Online for a Financial Planner

Remember when scheduling a meet and greet with a financial expert was the only way to get financial advice? No more. The proliferation of online services has transformed the industry and brought down…

emergency fund

Retirement Fund or Emergency Fund: Which Do I Save for First?

You know you need to save for retirement. But you also know that you need to have a stash of cash for emergencies. However, numerous studies and surveys show that Americans aren't doing a good job of…


How to Invest Like Elon Musk

Elon Musk is considered by many as one of the world's most influential businessmen for the ground-breaking industries he is involved with: space, electric cars and e-commerce. This billionaire…

financial challenges u.s. map

Here’s the No. 1 Financial Challenge of Americans in Every State

What's your biggest money worry? Your answer might depend on where you live, finds the 2015 Life + Money Survey from GOBankingRates. This survey asked Americans, "What's your biggest financial…

retirement savings paycheck

How to Use Your Paycheck to Plan Your Retirement

When you think about saving money for your retirement, do you cringe or feel optimistic? For some people, saving creates a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Others feel stress, even fear, because…


How to Invest Like Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson — knighted more than 15 years ago — is known for his long golden mane and infectious smile. He is one of Britain's most famous entrepreneurs and for good reason. Branson is a…

diversify investments

Why Do Experts Advise People to Diversify Their Investments?

Who doesn't like that rush of adrenaline when you make a big bet and it pays off? Level-headed investors, that's who. In real life, outside of the overly air-conditioned, alcohol-infused cocoon of a…

401k fees

How to Improve Your Investments and 401k by Cutting Fees

Did your 401k just skim $100,000 from your account? Taking advantage of 401k retirement plans after you start working full time after college is a smart move. Anyone who is in their mid-20s and…

budgets, flexible expenses

How to Manage Your Flexible Expenses

Financial experts often recommend that people create a budget and spending plan to track monthly expenses and keep financial goals within reach. Yet few seem to be listening. A 2014 study by the…

smart investing

9 Ways to Take the Fear Out of Investing

By Nicholas Pell for FutureAdvisor Investing can be daunting. You're risking your hard-earned money, and the investment world is filled with complicated choices and incomprehensible jargon that can…

find a financial planner

How Finding a Financial Planner Is Like Online Dating

Trying to find a financial planner can be like online dating. It might seem like an odd comparison, but there are similarities between picking a mate from a pool of millions on dating sites and…

Investment Strategy

7 Signs Your Investment Strategy Is Failing

By Nicholas Pell for FutureAdvisor How's your investment strategy working? Your long-term plans are the key to making the most out of your investment dollars. And even one little thing going wrong…

invest $5,000

How to Start Investing With $5,000

Cushioned the emergency fund: Check. Paid off debt: Check. Saved up cash reserves in a bank account: Check. Covered by insurance: Check. Now that you've covered the basics, just how should you invest…

Blackberry stock

Blackberry (BBRY) Acquires Good Technology (GDTC): Invest in Blackberry Stock Now or Never?

Blackberry Ltd. (BBRY) announced plans to purchase Good Technology (GDTC) on Friday morning, in an effort to increase its mobile security offerings and reduce its level of competition. The company has…

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Ships, Model 3 to Cost $35K Says Elon Musk: What Will Your Tesla Cost You?

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA.O) announced it will be delivering its first round of the Model X — its crossover utility vehicle — by the end of September. On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk…


How to Invest Like Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban did not amass his $3 billion fortune by sitting tight and picking middle-of-the-road blue chip companies off the New York Stock Exchange. His investment strategy is less conservative, like…

What does a financial planner do

What Your Financial Planner Secretly Thinks About You

If you're like many people, you probably have a bad money habit or two hidden up your sleeve or within your portfolio. We rounded up five of the most common money mistakes and asked financial planners…

Lego toys

Lego Profits Surge in 2015: Should You Invest in Hasbro (HAS), Mattel (MAT) Toys?

The Lego Group announced a massive 31 percent surge in first-half net profits on Wednesday, in addition to favorable swings in foreign currencies. The privately-owned Danish company attributed its…

splurges, retirement plans

7 Splurges That Will Spoil Your Retirement Plans

After slugging through 40 years or more of work, many Americans look forward to a relaxing and carefree retirement. Some dream about sipping thirst-quenching margaritas on a white sandy beach. Others…

Walmart (WMT) stock

Walmart (WMT) Stock Drops, Hours Cut: How Investors are Reacting

Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) is spending $1 billion to pay higher wages, but many workers might be facing fewer hours this holiday season as the company tries to cut costs. Walmart held its annual holiday…

Marissa Mayer

Yahoo (YHOO) Stock Reacts to CEO Marissa Mayer’s Announcement: Should Investors Also Pay Attention?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer posted good news early Tuesday on her personal blog. "I'm expecting identical twin girls, likely arriving in December," she wrote. The Yahoo CEO also added that she and her…

Financial planning tips for college students

10 Financial Planning Tips for College Students

Lauren Banks, now a public relations specialist at M&O Marketing in Southfield, Mich., remembers receiving a loan check for $15,000 at a time when her tuition was less than half that amount. She…

Warren Buffett-Phillips 66

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Phillips 66 (PSX) Backing: Worth the Investment?

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B) is making waves in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) this morning after it revealed a 10.8 percent stake in energy company Phillips 66 (PSX) after Friday's…

financial planning

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Financial Planning

People often feel that they're not making progress on their financial goals. There's an easy fix for that. Create a financial plan and stick to it. A recent Gallup poll found that just 38…

risky investments

10 Good Investments for Risk-Takers

If you can stomach the wild roller coaster ride of a riskier stock's earnings, with its dramatic highs and lows in return for the possibly of outsized profits, then read on for a chance to boost…

Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s (MCD) Vs. Burger King (QSR): Which Fast Food Restaurant Should You Invest in?

With stocks still reeling from the drops on "Black Monday," shares of fast food restaurants Burger King (QSR) and McDonald's (MCD) are both down. But that likely won't keep these corporations down for…

Kraft Bacon recall

Kraft Bacon Recall: Warren Buffett’s Investment Woes & What It Means for You

The Kraft Heinz Food Company has announced a recall for more than 2 million pounds of turkey bacon products that might be contaminated, as they might spoil prior to their "Best When Used By" date. The…

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Stock Market Recovery: Help Your Stock Portfolio Survive “Black Monday”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has already broken another record this morning, jumping 400 points at the market's opening, making it Wall Street's highest of the year thus far. Overnight, China…

retirement planning

Retirement Planning: How Do I Reach My Retirement Goal?

It's unfortunate but true: A sizable percentage of American workers have put away very little, and in same cases, virtually nothing for the future, according to a survey conducted by The Employee…

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors, Estee Lauder & Urban Outfitters Stock: Is It a Good Time to Start Investing?

Stock for Tesla Motors, Estee Lauder Companies Inc. and Urban Outfitters Inc. is on the move this morning. The big-name brands have shown marked performance or else are slated for steady growth. See…


Tesla Selling $642 Million in New Stock, Elon Musk to Buy $20 Million in Tesla Stock

After announcing plans to issue $500 million in common stock on Thursday, Tesla upped the size of its offering by more than $140 million Friday morning. The electric car manufacturer will now sell…


Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to Buy Precision Castparts for $32B

On Monday morning, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. confirmed a $32 billion cash purchase of Precision Castparts Corp. The company will pay $235 per share to acquire Precision Castparts, which…

CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - FEB 22,2016 : IPad 4 open Netflix application.

Why Netflix Stock Hits Record Highs as Walt Disney Stock Plummets

  Stock prices at Walt Disney, the happiest company on Earth, have taken a tumble. Meanwhile, Netflix stock is flying higher than ever. Disney reported a record high third quarter net income of…

tyson foods inc

Tyson Foods Misses Q3 Mark: What This Means for Investors

Tyson Foods Inc. (NYSE:TSN) has missed its third quarter earnings goals, and stock prices are taking a hit. The largest meat processor in the country announced on Monday, Aug. 3, that the high cost…


SoulCycle Is Going Public: Should You Invest in The Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga Workout Favorite?

SoulCycle — the workout staple of the rich and famous — is going public. On Thursday, the New York City-based spinning giant filed documents with the SEC for an initial public offering,…

downsize home

Why Your 40s Are a Good Time to Downsize Your Home

Homeownership often is considered an important part of the American dream. But a home — the mortgage, in particular — is also the biggest expense for most households. As a result,…

help buying a home

Can a Financial Planner Provide Help Buying a Home?

You probably already know that a financial planner can help you with budgeting, planning and saving for retirement. But you might be wondering, "Can a financial planner provide help buying a home?"…


Can a Financial Planner Help Me Find Insurance?

The term financial planner, in its broadest sense, refers to someone who charges you for advice on how to manage your financial life. This advice can range from help achieving a specific goal to the…

financial planner budget

Can a Financial Planner Help Me Make a Budget?

Though often associated with the ultra-rich, the principles of financial planning apply across the full spectrum of wealth, income and age. Similarly, the role of a financial planner extends beyond…

college savings plans

5 Things to Know About College Savings Plans

Saving for college can be a financial hurdle for parents and students. The average cost of tuition at a private university for the 2014-2015 school year topped $31,000, according to the 2014 Trends in…


5 Investing Fees Beginners Forget About

Maybe you're new to the workforce. Or perhaps you just started earning a good amount of income and you can finally afford to invest your money. As a new investor, you are probably keen on making money…

Steps of Financial Planning

The 7 Most Important Steps of Financial Planning

Do you need help with your finances but don't know anything about the steps of financial planning? To alleviate the confusion, there are 223,400 personal financial advisors, according to the most…

investing in stocks

4 Tips for Investing in Stocks

Most investors know the old adages about diversifying their portfolios and buying for the long term — and both of those recommendations are still true. But before you get into the stock market, it is…

warren buffett investment advice

The Best Investment Advice From Buffett and 11 Other Investors

Nearly seven years out from the beginning of the recession, Americans are still keeping the stock market at arm's length. Less than a quarter — just 24 percent — think stocks and mutual…

global investments

Are Global Investments a Good Idea?

Moving beyond U.S borders to include global investments in your portfolio offers both potential benefits and meaningful risks. As with nearly anything in the investment world, the prudence of…

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